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We understand the need for your advanced threat hunting and digital forensics so that you get the best of insider threat governance and behavioural analytics.

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Integrated with all layers for

A State of Art iSOC facility

Our tactical and strategic iSOC threat detection provides the industry's most comprehensive vulnerability coverage with the ability to predict which security issues to remediate first.

Automate your event prioritization with the complete end-to-end Terralogic vulnerability management solution with dedicated iSOC for unique threat detection, forensics and response lifecycle.

Modern Cyber-Security with

Expert Threat Hunting Assessment



We bring in all stakeholders together to define your business goal consulting your management to Show more

  • Hunt


    Key team formation. Assessing current state., perform cyber security CMM, HMM, and IMM. Rank the

  • Analyse


    Key team formation. Assessing current state., perform cyber security CMM, HMM, and IMM. Rank the

  • Neutralize


    Deploy active defense and employ offensive mechanisms and advanced counter- measures as in

  • Disrupt


    Enable enterprises to proactively and forensically identify, visualize and disrupt would-be


Modern How does

It help?

Having a well-defined framework ensures structured and repeatable collection, processing, analysis, production, and dissemination of CTI. We help you in establishing the expected program capabilities that certifies your end-state business objectives, goals, and outcomes that are clearly pinpointed and agreed upon. This we do all while maintaining alignment to business needs to reduce risk and threat exposure.

We help organizations have better understanding to implement a core framework. We have Encompassed three building blocks for consuming Intel via our robust TIP Layered on with :


Cyber MSSPervable eXpression (CybOX)


Trusted Automated eXchange of Indicator Information (TAXII)


Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX)

End to End Security Visibility

What do we do differently?

  • Integrated view

    Integrated view

    A holistic approach towards security to remove “Silo”ed views, eliminating further and alarm fatigue.

  • Baselining security

    Baselining security

    By designing continuous focus with an approach to address today's security needs and business context.

  • Incident response

    Incident response

    Best of the breed IR Platform to address bottlenecks of how to respond, analyze and linkup, improving your mean time to respond.

  • Robust visualization

    Robust visualization

    We assist on your remediation advisory and capability by eliminating through Swivel-Chair analysis.

  • Highest standards

    Highest standards

    We ensure best of governance and security culture through value driven standards, with integrity and excellence.

  • Endpoint detection

    Endpoint detection

    We value your response by enabling hunting, granular visibility, lateral behavior and real time forensics.

Benefit from round-the-clock security monitoring by a dedicated team of security experts

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