When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole
Nikola Tesla,1964


The time is gone when enterprises used to depend on tape drives, hard drives and other many-fold kinds of data saving capacities for their data backup and recovery support. With the onset of cloud-age the importance of security of such huge amount of enterprise data has also reached the sky limit and hence the security of such data has turned extremely challenging. Most of the today’s commerce are not sure if at all their data is 100% safe or in a recoverable state if at all any crisis lands up.

So now the question arises how does a company manage all of its safety? To be elaborate; its network data, personalized support, storage management and instant recovery process in case of any malfunction. Today, online backup services offers cloud backup or backup-as-a service which provides businesses with real-time backup, storage and easy recovery of their files.

Online backup systems are often built around the customer program application that runs on a schedule. This arrangement makes a backup, the system then gathers, compresses, encrypts, and transports the information to the remote backup service provider's servers. There are various such services available, all offering distinct quality, support levels and types of encryption.

What you need is the best of its kind service that will safeguard your data and at the same time provide immediate data recovery system so that your business is not jolted by any threat or failure.





Why Terralogic?

Terralogics’ manifesto offers to handle top-to-toe cloud data management with striking quality backup, analytics, DR, compliance, copy data management and archival. We empower enterprises on recovery to test/dev on data straightaway and unbridle complex data savings from a congregated structure.

Our Key Solutions:

Your data is important, as important as the spine. Your data frames the spine of your business and this is exactly why no business can risk dropping its critical data. When your peace of mind is involved with critical data disaster then it’s tough to not regard the pluses of our Backup & Recovery service, particularly when we know what exactly you need i.e. having your data securely stored and at the same time keep it handy for quick access each time you may need it.So, being in your shoe and having a broad understanding of the current industry needs we offer a complete frame of elite service managing seamless Business Continuity & quick Disaster Recovery so that you can eliminate the need to duplicate your data again and again.Our service encompasses 360 deg data protection right from top to toe Backup & Recovery, complete Ransomware Protection to rapid Disaster Recovery. In Terralogic, we render Managed Networking Services which will allow your business to boost potency and cost competences, Replication & DR with scalable bandwidth achieved via integration or combined software functions, Data Archival which will allow more cloud space with storage capacity optimization for inactive data, Cloud to cloud Saas Backup enabling you with granular search capacity, just-in-time restore and also responsive data restore, Remote & Branch Offices Analytics & Reporting to deliver the platform analytics on working proficiencies, amenability, and tactful cloud space dimension utilization.