Terralogic Acquires Dynaquest Technologies

Terralogic acquires Dynaquest Technologies, a Utah based corporation specialized in Cloud, Virtualization and IT Support solutions. The acquisition allows Dynaquest customers to benefit immediately from Terralogic's extensive service capabilities, including the UI/UX Design, Software Development, Test/QA, Automation, DevOps, IIOT and AI/ML Solutions. The acquisition will also provide Terralogic’s existing global customer base with enhanced access to Cloud, Virtualization and Hyper convergence products and solutions.

Paul Kushlan, President of Dynaquest will join Terralogic as EVP of Cloud & IT Services and Michelle, CEO of Dynaquest will join Terralogic to run Strategic Marketing. Paul and Michelle are entrepreneurs by choice and they together built Dynaquest over the past 20 years and transformed the company from IT Services to a Cloud & Virtualization solution provider.

In Paul & Michelle’s words –
“We are excited to be part of Terralogic. With this announcement today Dynaquest will have the opportunity to bring its unique blend of Cloud and Virtualization products and services to a global market. The combination of Terralogic and Dynaquest offerings will create a complete IT solution that will drive value and create exceptional outcomes for our customers”.

Renil Komitla, CEO of Terralogic says –
“I am very pleased with the progress of Terralogic and with addition of Dynaquest we are rightly positioned for being a true Digital Transformation Partner for our customers and participate in their Digital Journey”