Matrium Technologies and Terralogic Combine Forces to Serve Southeast Asia Customers

Matrium Technologies,PTY Ltd. and Terralogic Inc. have formed an extraordinary joint venture to bring a combined level of technology expertise and solution sets to the Australia, New Zealand and Singapore markets. The new entity is registered in Australia as Matrium Terralogic PTY Ltd. and will do business as Matrium Terralogic.

Matrium brings 25 years of understanding the unique needs of the Australian technology market while Terralogic injects development resources and significant bench strength to the partnership. The union allows service provider, enterprise, and government customers to avail themselves of large and complex project execution capabilities that compete with major global offshore outsourcing companies but with a brand that has earned the trust of Australian customers for more than a quarter century. Matrium Terralogic is highly skilled in Design, UI/UX, full stack application development, testing, monitoring and analysis for all manner of communications networks including LAN, WAN, cloud, virtual, public, private and hybrid infrastructures.

"We are truly excited to forge this partnership with Terralogic" commented Brad Crismale, CEO of Matrium Technologies PTY Ltd. "They are a highly skilled IT outsourcing firm and fit perfectly in our technology sweet spot. This will allow us to quickly scale project capabilities for our customers in the region."

"Matrium was an absolute no-brainer for us to team up with" said Renil Komitla, President and CEO of Terralogic. "They have earned the respect of the major SPs and Enterprises and we have shared joint customers over the years so, it just made great business sense to form this JV."


Matrium Technologies has been a leading provider of technology solutions in Australia since 1991, with a strong industry background in Network Testing, Monitoring, Security, and Analysis.

Matrium Technologies has been recognised as an industry leader for handling technology disruptions within their customers' networks in addition to providing a pathway to technology enablement. They deliver tailor-made solutions to suit every custome's specific business needs.

Matrium has a strong regional presence with offices in Sydney and Melbourne and provides innovative products and services to its customers across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. The firm works with numerous companies from diverse industries, specialising in Telecommunications Service Providers, Network Equipment Manufacturers, Federal & State Government Agencies, through to some of the largest enterprise companies in the region.

Matrium takes pride in remaining at the forefront of technology. Matrium has the experience and expertise to offer customers a comprehensive Network Testing Tools Solution Kit that will cater to today's and the upcoming generation's Network Security Solutions. A Local Professional Services Team is available 24/7 to offer help to the growing IT industry.


Terralogic was formed in 2015 through the merger of Paxterra and InfoNam. Both companies had excellent reputations in the outsourced development and IT industries over many years and combining forces was a strategic initiative to offer a wider array of capability, additional resources, and capture more business. Paxterra had a well-established business in the areas of IP/Wireless, Networking, App development, and Cloud Management services. InfoNam was well-known for Mobility, Product Engineering and Testing tailored to the Entertainment, Networking and Healthcare industries. The combined entity provides unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions. Terralogic collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses.

With an outstanding track record of working with some world class customers and an experienced management team, they provide innovative software solutions and build highly creative & stable extended teams for customers mapped to their technology or product roadmaps - highly cost effective and deeply rooted.

Lead by a team of seasoned professionals with versatile and niche backgrounds, the company currently boasts an active talent pool of 900+ employees. Terralogic possesses a unique blend of Indian software processes, solution architects, and reliable Vietnamese implementation teams with software development centers in the U.S., India & Vietnam.