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Double the productivity by connecting everything with one intelligent network infrastructure. Generate positive revenue opportunities, at the same time lower operational costs along with increased safety and security. The Communications industry is at the cusp of rapid transformation with new technologies like Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Cloud Transformation and Virtualization at the core of their evolution. You can now gain valuable data insight to streamline automation from current generation and legacy products.

Terralogic adopts the Internet of Things (IoT) for interrelating computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects with unique identifiers equipped with the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.



Internet of things (IOT) is the inter-working of physical devices as connected devices or smart devices which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. IOT services, also called as IOTization service, is changing the business scenarios which create new sources of revenue, smart communication with the user and efficiency much greater than before.

Terralogic develops and leverages IoT capabilities to produce an efficient ecosystem with seamless integration of Assets and IT process. We handle asset IoTization, Sensors – Motion, Position, Chemical, Thermal, Light and Magnetic, Humidity, Acoustic and various overall user experience is handled by our expert IoT advisory services.


In software engineering, Continuous Integration (CI) is the practice of merging all developer working copies to a shared mainline on real time basis. In a world of IoT and Internet connectivity, where devices get connected to the network, suddenly Continuous Deployment makes a lot of difference. By integrating regularly, you can detect errors quickly, and locate them more easily. With Continuous Integration we get a huge number of benefits in terms of Bug detection, avoiding last-minute chaos, providing better and faster debugging.

Terralogics Continuous Integration (CI) services with techno-specific consultations wide spreads in Building & Configuration Automation, Collaboration Systems and Fault/Failure testing, Ecosystem integration, Provisioning, Measuring & Monitoring, Source Control Management etc. We enforce constant effort under CI to ensure best in market service.




Digital transformation begins with the executive mandate, but it is essentially a commitment by organizations to innovate on the experience they offer their customers. The technology involving the Internet of Things (IoT), acquires, analyze and activates data is an essential element of generating innovative experiences. IoT is a convergence of three key technology shifts that are expediting IoT deployments like an explosion of data generated.

Terralogic masters digital capabilities to produce sustainable competitive advantage. Our Real-Time Visibility, Track, Trace and Monitoring help Big data, Business Intelligence, Applications and advanced analytics to work seamlessly for all kinds of Structured and Un-Structured data collection and Data Digitisation.


Cloud Infrastructure Services support planning, building and managing cloud environments with a portfolio of flexible choices. It enhances companies to improve their responses to IT industry, use of the resource in a proper way and thus provides scalability and agility towards new business. Unlike traditional solid systems, Cloud-based infrastructure leverages the economic flexibility and eliminates complexity which is a roadblock to business value realization. IoT services produce a huge amount of data that needs to be handled, stored and analyzed and thus the Cloud comes into action.

Terralogic manages cloud and Infra efficiently with cost, process optimization for improved ROI. Which involves Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) solutions, Platform as a Service (Paas) solutions, Software as a Service (Saas) solutions, Failure mode analysis prediction / FTM, NoC and Helpdesk along with Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) and all other in demand aspects of cloud services.