When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole
Nikola Tesla,1964


Hyper-convergence came in the picture with the concept of converged infrastructure. Under this approach, a vendor gives a pre-configured bundle of hardware and software in a single case with the aim of simplifying management. However, the components attached together to form one can also be divided and made them work in pieces.

Outsmarting the timeworn converged infrastructure, a much-simplified infrastructure system that introduced a simpler architecture which is software-centric integrating networking, storage, computing, and virtualization is the Hyper-convergence infrastructure system. Whereas in converged infrastructure one gets a bunch of pre-shaped hardware and software framework with the goal of curtailing the complexity and easier organizing. Unlike converged infrastructure; a Hyper-convergence infrastructure system cannot be put into use independently or separately as it is an integrated process.

A Hyper-converged infrastructure simplifies IT to make it as simple as possible for business cloud services. This system infrastructure optimizes cost be it for purchasing, installing, and handling infrastructure, updating backups, supporting disaster recovery, run applications without steadfast specific hardware, increase availability and adds value. This structure of IT solution is best for businesses to make the most of their IT investments overcoming challenges such as insubstantial or complex to deploy or maintain, budget constraint blocking future businesses or be it scarce of skilled experts. How is it made so economical/ budget friendly? It is done by better/simpler ways to protect the data also making it more stable/reliable, eradicating supervision and expense is brought low by growing conveniences.

The developing needs of organizational programs and the short tempo of the modern-day commercial enterprise have brought about this system with separate storage, networks, and servers. The storage tower that is shaped with the aid of conventional infrastructure frequently lays-out limitations and complexity, blocking maximized commercial benefits.





Why Terralogic?

Terralogic brings-in advanced solutions for a faster, simpler and better IT infrastructure, beating behind legacy standard IT solutions especially for small and medium-sized businesses with a ground-breaking software solution, centering solutions on client requirements and service. Our au fait cloud solutions allow the finest access to the enterprise cloud usage, with perfectly secured and best of breed service. The best part for most of the small or medium-sized business is, not only is this structure stable, reliable, upgraded and secure it is also economical as compared to the timeworn infrastructure.

We understand what we do for a Hyper-converged infrastructure is the best because contrast to the adopted ways aided by RAID & dual-controller storage. A couple of copies of the data are stored in the Xpress node just to make sure that if one drive fails, it can be easily accessed from other nodes without reducing performance. This Xpress heals by itself to make sure it uses the capacity to the minimum extent for new copy creation and restores full redundancy. Full resiliency is maintained as copying is always faster than RAID reconstruction.

Our Key Solutions:

Our solutions encompass an organized blend of everything important the application needs i.e. storage, memory, cores resources. Our well-assembled structure saves space, makes management easier and certifies trustworthiness. We provide solutions that are downright integrated and doesn’t linger with complex and confusing enterprise IT setup and assimilation.

When the enterprise is a lack of skilled personals for situations like hardware failures all the time, our structure has the capacity to promptly recover your data all by itself. Simplified process, complete infrastructure support, virtualization helps time saving and faster issue resolution. This process runs under a simplified in-house structure wherein it can be mounted and connected, shaped-up and configured within a very short span of time. We make management of your IT infrastructure very simple and cost-effective letting you avail all benefits of virtualization. Delivering customer-grade simplicity to IT management and making it smooth to maintain infrastructure up and going is our policy. One-click on control reduces the administrative burden and the capacity for unalarmed operator blunders. For folks who want automation, any challenge that may be completed via Prism can also be achieved using REST APIs or a library of PowerShell cmdlets. With one-click remediation, the imply period to repair and mend is significantly reduced, notably enhancing availability. With the complication reduced to such level and cost made budget friendly, enterprises can do more with their decided budget on the framework of hardware and handle infrastructure.



What does our Hyper-converged infrastructure provide:-
  • Laid-back management: As simple as a public cloud service, hence eradicating the need of fixed storage and virtualization skills.
  • Is a fit for all: The same Hyper-converged system can power almost every business application
  • Budget-friendly: Cost for virtualization is nil, aided thru in-built management for customers bringing down more than half of the cost for infrastructure.
  • No risk zone: A completely incorporated structure removes complicated IT integration and set-up, permitting IT teams to enhance enterprise offerings.
  • Storage issues lessened: Less worry about the discrete storage space hence lesser difficulty of handling LUNs, disks, and RAID.
  • Performance won’t drop below expectation: Get optimal performance for critical apps right out of the box. No complex configuration or tuning.
  • Quick recovery:Unceasing access to data, therefore, is not dependent on single points and has complete virtualization with an incessant check on data reliability.
  • Better than ever Recovery & Back-up: Effective and easier way of back-up and disaster handling for recovery.
  • Best of its breed support service: Expel the traditional ways of delayed support. Now get instant support for servers, stack, virtualization, and storage.
Benefits Delivered:-
  • Prompt Self-Recovery.
  • Complete Single Point Support.
  • Stress-free Set-up & Controlling.
  • Unique Skills are no more needed.
  • Easier & Simpler Environment Management.
  • Cost Optimization.
  • One stop innovative improvements.