• The static animation will be converted into HTML5 using Swiffy.
  • Media files will be converted into the required format.
  • Graphic elements will be extracted from the source files.
  • Program the interactive using JavaScript and CSS3.
  • Third party JS plugins will be used wherever JS is not enough to perform the task.


  • Complex animations and interactivities could not be completely converted to HTML5.
  • Scaling in HTML5 is more compl ex than the flash file.
  • Audio Synchronization
  • Change orientation (Portrait <-> Landscape) based on the orientation of the device.
  • Conversion process takes time
  • Split the animation into several parts and convert them into HTML5. They can be reworked to obtain the similar functionality and presentation.
  • Redraw the object in canvas using JavaScript.
  • Load the audio in the frame ad based on the timing.
  • Write different CSS for each orientation.
  • Use createJS, implement a library for different kinds of interactivity which can be reused to accelerate the conversion process.