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Terralogic helps you with more traceability with functional, integration, system, sanity and UAT testing.

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We cover the spectrum of expertise needed for the quality standard you are looking for.

At Terralogic, we meet your business challenges and opportunities with new approaches to testing and QA. By assuring quality needs for quicker test cycles and expanding the use of automation in testing efforts.

Automated testing

For consistent quality

Quality is always a priority when it comes to your digital products, cloud-based solutions, e-commerce applications, hyper converged applications & IoT setup. We provide all levels of L2/L3 device testing both automation and manual testing for varied OS types and wide tech stack expertise.

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    You need expertise

    Our team of skilled QA engineers with years of industry expertise on maintaining quality assurance with the latest tools and technologies bringing out your desired product performance.

  • UI Prototyping

    Quick time-to-market

    Faster time to market doesn't mean we take any short-cuts, we are always driven by high quality of all the components involved in your product solution, from devices to IoT to cloud to web and mobile applications with test automation frameworks Read More

  • High Fidelity Design

    Validation and compliance

    We provide validation and testing services for individual components of the products ensuring that your requirements meet customer guidelines and comply with various industry standards.


Why Terralogic

Quality Assurance?

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End to End QA

We work with you to define end to end QA, ensure corresponding execution is always up to the mark. Right from defining the test requirements, test strategy, planning, and execution, we cover it all.

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We design advanced, automated quality assurance tests with focus on redefining QA testing procedures for our clients and with the purpose of establishing a no-compromise approach toward quality assurance.

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Performance testing

We scrutinize your digital product performance at various stages, we scan for hidden bugs and defects to ensure that the app’s quality, speed, efficiency, and effectiveness are intact.

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Unit tests

We conduct detailed scrutiny of every individual unit of the code as our priority, in order to deliver optimized performance in the entire software.

frequently asked


  • SaaS or Software as a service in simple terms is a method of delivering a particular software product’s access online. The client can access the software from anywhere, any device as long as they have an internet connection.

  • There are many advantages of SaaS. A few of them are - Reduced time in using the benefits as it is already installed and ready to use. Secondly it is far more cost effective than the traditional model of installing the software on your desktop.

  • SaaS works very differently from the traditional method of installing the software on the device. SaaS is a way of using the software through a virtual machine aka the cloud.

  • Yes, since the software is web based and not hardware based, they are easily customizable.

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