Product Test and Verification

Terralogic continues to own the quality initiatives for its customers being the thought leader, by developing/enhancing some of the best in class frameworks, industry best practices, tools and methodologies in addition to exploring AI/ML-based solutions through Terralogic R&D lab, to keep the cost under the bay.

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Manual, Automated testing through harnesses - Python, Perl, TCl, Django, Go, Performance and Scale testing, System-integration testing, white-box testing for any segment, we have investments made where our clients are getting the benefits out of Test services.


Application of Data analytics, AI/ML driven solutions for our customers to draw inferences based on our recommendation to control their Y-o-Y Opex, Capex. Contact us to know more.


Take advantage of our expertise in Agile and lean processes to build solutions faster and better, with our certified scrum masters at the helm of engagements to make them successful.


Multiple pipelines and code base are names of the game. Build, sync operations through work-flow automation or staffing the right skill helps save developer's bandwidth. Contact us to know more.


For a maturing or matured code base, quality and defects are inversely proportional. We have innovated strategies using open source and custom solutions to help increase the software quality thus reducing defects. Contact us to know more.

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How to make the perfect Dashboard Design

The technical age we live in nowadays is evolving every day with various high-quality technology which include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence, and Block-chain.

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Interaction Design Talk & Workshop - A Let’s Design Event

The Design Talk & Workshop was all about really unique design experiences from experts. Designers who attended the workshop came by conversance in Accessibilities,and Video Interactions.

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'The 30 young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2019'

A true entrepreneur is doer not dreamer. Renil Komitla is one such entrepreneur, who believed in giving wings to his long-cherished aspirations.