Network Design Service

We provide end to end and modular solutions - design, validation,implementation and post deployment checks. Terralogic’s backend services provide proactive approach of monitoring and managing of network using remote management.

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Enterprise Networks

  • Create a detailed well-
    engineered Network Design
  • Design Validation to meet
    Business requirements
  • Develop Technical documents
    like LLD, HLD and SMTD.
  • Network Implementation Planning
    and System Configuration.
  • Deployment Validation and
  • Network Upgrade : Network Assessment
    and documentation

Data Center

  • Create design documents for new
    deployments and build new DCs.
  • Conduct network assessment and
    understand the network flow.
  • Develop Technical documents
    like LLD, HLD and SMTD.
  • Design Datacenter -
    Best practices
  • Prepare Visio diagrams of the
    existing network.
  • Replace old unsupported
    devices with new devices

Cisco Specialization

Terralogic currently holds Cisco Partner Certifications and this represents the breadth of skills across key technologies and our ability to deliver integrated networking solutions. Cisco Specializations allow us to focus on cutting edge technologies that require advanced product knowledge and the ability to deploy solutions over multiple sites and geographies. Our main focus is digital transformation of an organization using right product and platform that is built around this. Cisco’s DNA (Digital Network Architecture) is the solution , and we recommend this for organizations ushering into new digital age. We solve our customer business challenges with Cisco solutions and address network scaling, increase security and compliance and simpler operations. Reduce network management cost and complexity through automation. Simplify policy across the network and enhance security.

Our design and implementation services helps customer to rapidly deploy DNA solutions for both wires and wireless environments. The solution enables your IT staff to manage , scale and secure your infrastructure.

  • Develop an architectural strategy and roadmap for Cisco DNA Solutions
  • Perform Network Penetration Assessments
  • Review existing security implementation and develop security segmentation
  • Build Policy based management using single DNA Center management instance, including configuration of virtual networks, access control, and application priority.
  • Design, validate, implement Network migration upgrade with Cisco 9K DNA supported platforms.
  • Deployment ,Implementation and Integration of existing infrastructure into DNA Center.
  • Advise and implement Cisco DNA Center
  • Enable automation for device onboarding, device inventory, and fabric administration.
  • Build Customized actionable insights, end-to-end visibility, proactive performance management, closed-loop automation, and streaming telemetry.

Our Expertise