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Application Automation

There is a constant need to continuously monitor the quality of the applications built, a small bug or a non functioning feature causes huge revenue loss. Our expertise knowledge in various UI automation frameworks for web solutions, Mobile applications or stand alone applications has yielded in continuous quality improvements for our customers.

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Application architectures are now heavily dependent on APIs and there is an important need to test the responses of these APIs thru a solid framework for catching early anomalies in the system.


Since we are in the agile world now and frequent builds and releases are the name of the game, it becomes imperative to access that each build is qualified before further testing is performed


Enterprise applications or common user applications, as they evolve over time to ensure no new features or fixes are breaking the existing functionality a regression based conformance UI automation becomes key.


Be it millions of users at a time or Terabytes of data volume or operational fluctuations, applications needs to be tested out before they move out in to production. Better to fail in sandbox rather than in live.


Application behavior changes depending on the data that is fed in. So it becomes imperative to ascertain application behavior over different sets of data that it process.


Every feature needs to be covered at 360 degrees and tested for its completeness, performance thresholds time and again. Automation plays a key role in continuously maintaining this quality

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The list of services that we offer in Digital Transformation


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The list of services that we offer in Digital Transformation


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