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Cloud Infra Cost Optimiztion

More than many time we have seen that the cloud infrastructure always has a good scope of improvement which directly yields to performance and cost benefits. This is something which is overlooked time and gain due to packed schedules and delivery pressures. As a external consultant we not only give insights in to what could be fixed but also help implement it.

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Identifying what is causing the cost burn by a detailed analysis of your bill. The bill often provides most insight in to where the majority of the spend is at, that is your first target to look at, though you will also get lot of inidications on the smaller spends that aggregates towards a larger sum of dollars.


Audit your cloud infra each and every compute, Database, storage , their usage statistics, who is using them for what ? Are they right sized for their utilization ? These are essential questions that you must ask. Often it is found 20 % of cloud infrastructure is used less than 10 % of the time.


Cloud services are becoming more competitive and more features are coming thru. Example : You have have your computes in GCP and but have the storage in AWS S3. You will save a bit of money here as well improve your redundancy over a period of time.


Serverless solutions such as AWS Lambda / S3 now are contributing significantly towards pay on how much you use, which means you directly reduce the cost of holding a compute even though for 70 % of the day it is operating at less than 60 % capacity.


Go for block storage unless and until it is absolutely necessary to not go there. Block level storage systems are more reliable, and their transport systems are very efficient. Block level storage can be used to store files and also provide the storage required for special applications like Databases


There are many tools and automation solutions that are in place today that allows you to efficiently monitor your cloud infrastructure and alert you on anomalies and system behavior from time to time. A good monitoring strategy saves lots of dollars upfront and achieves optimized cloud costs.

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