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App Performance Optimization

Improvement in Application Performance is necessary to reach more people to achieve business gains. Before start working on improvement, we need to define and understand our non-functional requirements around key areas such as scalability, performance, availability, etc.

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Application low-performance will be in many ways. Identify modules which is taking too much execution time. Also identify code leaks like unwanted loops and waiting times for response.


Modularisation is the best solution for application performance improvement. Remove unwanted code executions and make it separate definitions.


Writing and reading into single database may cause you delay in database operations. It is always good to have read and write from different databases and have sync between both.


Maintaining application caching in client side to reduce server interactions in order to improve web application performance. Same way, maintaining server side caching to avoid database hits and get the caching data and processing.


Bulk requests will yield much better performance than single-document index requests. A single thread sending bulk requests is unlikely to be able to max out the indexing capacity of an elastic search cluster.


Cloud infrastructure is one of the best solutions for application performance improvement. You can have servers nearby your regions or you can also go with Content Delivery Networks.By using other tools like Lambda, RDS, S3 for best performance.

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The list of services that we offer in Digital Transformation


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