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23 - SEP - 2019

Terralogic is Redefining the trends of IoT through digital transformation to a next-gen experience

The popularity and need for the segment have only amplified over time across industries, from healthcare to retail, everyone is up for grabs.

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14 - SEP - 2019

One Merry & Bright Day with Innocence!

It was a merry and bright day, spending quality time with the Junior High School Children - children who are the future of our country, India.

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12 - AUG - 2019

Terralogic DynaQuest Is Now a Platinum for Citrix Partner Solutions.

Terralogic DynaQuest announced that they have achieved the status of Platinum for Citrix Partner Solutions.

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12 - JUL - 2019

Terralogic Solutions Inc. acquires of AforeCybersec Technology Private Limited,a Bangalore,based Cybersecurity solutions start-up.

"The acquisition of AforeCybersec, fits into the roadmap of Terralogic for building a world class Security Operations Center and be a true security partner for our customers."

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15 - MAR - 2019

Terralogic Solutions Inc.: Transforming Businesses with Expert Enterprise-Grade Solutions.

"At Terralogic, we smartly set client's growth journey with our best-in-class services and methodologies."

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15 - MAR - 2019

Terralogic CEO featured as one of 'The 30 young and Dynamic Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2019'

A true entrepreneur is doer not dreamer. Renil Komitla is one such entrepreneur, who believed in giving wings to his long-cherished aspirations.

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21 - JAN - 2019

New Year; New Achievement.
Terralogic strengthens its board.

To keep up our momentum of accelerated growth rate in 2019, Terralogic strengthens its board with the inclusion of Michael Marks Technology & Business ground-breaker Michael Marks & Katie Fifer. The Charismatic leader Katie Fifer.

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15 - NOV - 2018

Salt Lake City Interface 2018

Salt Lake City Interface 2018, Held at the downtown Salt Lake Convention Center, Terralogic participated in the 2018 Salt Lake Interface Conference on November 15, 2018. This annual conference for IT professionals focuses on the latest developments for key-influencers.

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08 - NOV - 2018

Terralogic DynaQuest Conference

The 12th Annual Terralogic DynaQuest Conference was held on November 8, 2018 at Jordan Commons in Sandy, Utah Over 70 enterprise customers from around Utah attended informative sessions about new updates of products and services led by employees and vendor partners.

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07 - NOV - 2018

Diwali 2018 - A Day With Bright Lights and Cheer!

Terralogic celebrates Diwali 2018 in a very unique way. The gleam and glamour was in the ethnic wear of the enthusiastic Terralogicans.The event of the day was Diya Decoration Competition which protrayed amazing spirit of creativity among the Terralogic Family.

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31 - oct - 2018

Terralogic Celebrates Halloween'18

The Design Studio on Halloween was all about spooky decorations, brewing exciting eerie game plans, and more fun.And since the Costume Dress-Up Contest was also part of the plan, there was a big show of scary energy everywhere.

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29 - Sep - 2018

Interaction Design Talk & Workshop - A Let’s Design Event

The Design Talk & Workshop was all about really unique design experiences from experts. Designers who attended the workshop came by conversance in Accessibilities, Video Interactions, and User Experience.

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28 - Aug - 2018

Cisco Toolapalooza Event

Toolapalooza has been a prominent platform for showcasing some of the state-of-the-art tools and solutions from internal Cisco teams, external exhibitors, and partners. It serves as a vehicle to showcase solutions to the engineering community.

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25 - Aug - 2018

Terralogic 10th Anniversary Celebrations(Dynami)

Progressing towards the 10th Year of Excellence, there was a lot of fun-filled activities with pomp and show lined up for straight two months. And the excitement knew no bounds as the celebration has brought together Terralogic as a family with interflowing energy.

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12 - Jul - 2018

Terralogic is now CMMI Level 3

Terralogic has successfully achieved CMMI® Level3 maturity rating for India & Vietnam location! CMMI® is a capability maturity framework with the essential elements of effective processes for improving performance. A level-3 maturity rating indicates that the organization is performing at a "defined" level, which means the organization's processes are well documented and understood, and are defined in terms of standards, procedures, tools, and methods.

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06 - Jun - 2018

Terralogic acquires Dynaquest Technologies

Terralogic acquires Dynaquest Technologies, a Utah based corporation specialized in Cloud, Virtualization and IT Support solutions. The acquisition allows Dynaquest customers to benefit immediately from Terralogic's extensive service capabilities, including the UI/UX Design, Software Development, Test/QA, Automation, DevOps, IIOT and AI/ML Solutions. The acquisition will also provide Terralogic's existing global customer base with enhanced access to Cloud, Virtualization and Hyper convergence products and solutions.

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16 - May - 2017

Terralogic INC attends CeBIT conference in Austraila

Sydney,Austraila - Terralogic INC is attending the conference organised by CeBIT Austraila which is an APAC's largest & longest running B2B technology exhibition & conference with 15k technology professionals from enterprise, government, SME & start-up's etc. CeBIT's trade exhibition will showcase over 350 cutting edge organisations, furnishing attendees with insights into the latest business technology innovations.

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08 - May - 2017

Terralogic INC attends VNITO conference

Yokohama,Japan - Terralogic INC is attending the conference organised by an VNITO alliance,which has been successfully performing its duty with the purpose to promote Vietnam ICT industry to Japan more widely,to connect Vietnamese and Japanese companies, attract more big corporations invest in Vietnam and partner with Vietnam outsourcing companies.

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04 - May - 2017

Matrium and Terralogic Combine

Matrium Technologies,PTY Ltd. and Terralogic Inc. have formed an extraordinary joint venture to bring a combined level of technology expertise and solution sets to the Australia, New Zealand and Singapore markets. The new entity is registered in Australia as Matrium Terralogic PTY Ltd. and will do business as Matrium Terralogic.

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02 - Jan - 2018

Acquisition of Integrated Systems Analysts Inc.

Terralogic Solutions Inc. ("Terralogic") announced today that it has acquired Integrated Systems Analysts, Inc. ("ISA"), a Virginia based corporation specializing in Systems Engineering, Explosives Safety and IT Support solutions. The acquisition allows ISA customers to benefit immediately from Terralogic's extensive service capabilities, including the UI/UX Design, Software Development, Test/QA, Automation, DevOps, Enterprise Solutions and Support, Cloud Infrastructure Solutions, IIOT and AI/ML Solutions.

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19 - Dec - 2017

Backup Services Webnair Version 3.0

In such perilous situation when data is everything that can build or break your business, we are sure you must have thought about a backup plan.

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