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with our technology-first approach, get servers, software, reliable systems, and IT outsourcing services.

Services we offer

With over 12 years of expertise in the industry, we handle the entire IT stack for your business infrastructure, network, asset, and employees.

Numbers that matter

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Our Partnerships

Server Virtualization

  • Fortinet
  • vmware

Desktop Virtualization

  • citrix
  • Platinum
  • microsoft
  • Gold

Networking Devices

  • cisco
  • fortinet

Why us?

Sophisticated performance engines that power the infrastructure for IoT software, AI, blockchain, data analytics, and other cutting-edge innovations.
Build enterprise storage on the cloud or on-premise. Heightened scale and hybrid solutions that you can cherry-pick to suit your business needs.
Manage and control your workloads more efficiently using unique software solutions that function across platforms and manages the usage dynamics.

The industries we've worked for:

  • Desktop as a service

    Real Estate

  • Intuit Authorised Quickbooks Hosting


  • Data Recovery as a service


  • Application Hosting


  • Desktop as a service


  • Intuit Authorised Quickbooks Hosting


  • Data Recovery as a service


  • Application Hosting


  • Desktop as a service


  • Intuit Authorised Quickbooks Hosting


  • Application Hosting

    Small & Medium business

  • Data Recovery as a service

    E- commerce


Our Approach

  • Stabilise


    We first learn and understand your needs. And then match them with a range of our technology solutions which are based on cost, functionality, technical architecture, and support resources.

  • Manage


    Providing worry-free IT deployments with our premier IT deployment services. We make sure you are away from all headaches in your IT infra life-cycle.

  • Build


    Troubleshooting and supporting your critical incidents, making sure they are never missed with priority-based actions in the shortest possible time.

Lets make data-driven decisions that meet your goals.

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    We’ve been leveraging Terralogic services for over five years now and couldn’t be happier! They actively monitor our server, network and system backups, and alert us to potential issues BEFORE our service is disrupted. We rarely have IT issues anymore and when we do, they are often fixed within minutes. Their personal service attitude is exactly what we were looking for. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to meet our needs, be they large or small. If you want your IT systems to function in the background so you can get work done, Terralogic should be your people! We really do love you guys!

    VP, Chief Operations Officer
    Of a Finance Company

Our Partners

  • Fortinet
  • Hcl
  • eq
  • reva
  • wipro
  • cloud
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frequently asked


  • IT services is an application of business and technical expertise to operate organizations within the creation, management, and optimization or access to data and business method. We manage the complete IT stack for your business infrastructure, network, asset, and staff.

  • IT service options to your business are always available and can custom depending on your needs: Managed IT Services, Cloud Computing, Managed Backup, Managed Firewall, Network Operations Center (NOC), Security Operations Center (SOC), and many more

  • There are many types of IT Services that each has a specific role in enabling organizations to leverage technology and information to securely run their business.

  • Professional services are designed to facilitate the use of technology by enterprises and end users to create positive business outcomes.

  • IT service is one of our services, we provide a range of products and services to enable companies to effectively deploy and administer technology.

  • We have a range of IT service options and can tailor for what your business really needs: Managed IT Services, Cloud Computing, Managed Backup, Managed Firewall, Network Operations Center (NOC), Security Operations Center (SOC), and many more

  • We provide services such as Hardware and Software, IT Consulting and Professional Services, Data Storage and Management, Help Desk, Cloud Services, Network Services, Security Services, and Web Design

  • Some that you may encounter include: Computers, Software, and Networking

  • The main goal of Information Technology is to deploy within a business is to help the organization carry out its work and achieve positive business outcomes for shareholders, employees, and customers.

  • Simply that IT Solutions are a set of software, services, and sometimes hardware that are sold together to solve specific business challenges.

  • With the development of the computer industry and internet networks, IT has changed and global communication has reached an unprecedented height: Easier access to information, Time savings, easier and more effective communication, cost efficiency, better overall learning for the organization.

  • We can say there are communication, Construction, Medical, Business, Educational, AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Our 18 years of achievements includes:

  • 10M+

    lines of codes

  • 2400+

    projects completed

  • 900+

    satisfied clients

  • 16+

    counties served

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