Anomaly Detection

Putting into practice Unsupervised Learning towards substantial data monitoring, that watches over all the means to identify vulnerable operations and take needful preventative measures in real-time.


Analyzing relevant data sets

Every organization collects a wide variety of data and only by asking the right questions and assessing data in combination with complementary information will yield actionable results.


Internet of Things Analytics

Make the data flow from the stream of data meant for connected devices, to process for value-added operational analytics. This is how we optimize the supply chain of asset management.


Using Relevant Algorithms

We use a wide variety of machine learning algorithms like Linear Regression, Regression tree, R-programming, and dispersion analysis to provide actionable business insights.


Building Data Science Roadmaps

At Terralogic, we build data science road maps to aid different organizations in solving their unique problems.


Sentiment Analysis

At Terralogic, we use Text Data Analytics to understand the most varied responses to a product experience so that the organization can take measures to redress the situation.


Predictive Analysis

Using historical data also yields results that can be used to predict future growth and development. Predictive analysis can be done on the basis of the company and industry-centric data alike.


Machine Vision

AI-driven Machine Vision services such as Image Classification, Segmentation, Super Resolution using state-of-art networks such as GoogleNET, ResNet etc.

Our expertise core

  • Cross-Validation
  • RDBMS & Big Data
  • Load Data to Data Warehouse
  • Optimization & Evaluation
  • Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • Flat file (text, CSV, JSON, logs)
  • Emails, Websites & Web APIs
  • Data Processing & Data Cleansing
  • Data Profiling & Normalization, Text Mining
  • Data Extractor & Data Transformation
  • Feature Engineering, Model Selection, and Tuning
  • Structured and Unstructured Data Collection

Technologies & Tools

Our approach combines the best of Usability design and the right selection of the technology stack.

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