12th & 13th July

Use Facebook Boomerang filter and loop a funny Boomerang video of yourself having fun at Terralogic Work Stage. Post the same video on your Facebook profile using these hashtags #terralogicmoments, #dynami, #terralogic, #funatwork, #boomerang & #onedecadeofexcellence in the caption. And you are done... Get maximum likes and Win the prize!

19th & 20th July

We have got some bugs for you to find. Bash for 2days to find Bugs, that’s all you need to do to win. The one who finds valid user issues and submits correctly-labeled-bug-found is deemed to be the finder of that bug. How to take up Bugathon: 1. Go-to Dynami website. 2. Select Bugathon section and register your details. 3. On the day of bugathon, you need to download YG App/StoryMon App and start your QA. 4. Day 1: YG App Bugathon. Day 2: StoryMon Bugathon. Bugs will be verified by our team to be counted. Points are assigned like this: 5 points for functionality bug and 2 points for UI/UX bug. Evaluation is based on bug priorities.

28th July

Back To Back! Badminton & Futsal on the go. This event is all about energy, passion, and technique. A lot of control, strength, and mind-play and measured movement. Get into the exciting, fast-paced small sided soccer game and shuttle-cork doubles. We know you had a gala time last season playing Badminton & Futsal, and your interest had driven us to arrange the same this year. We also intend on entertaining the enthusiastic audiences from all projects. For Badminton, registrations are open only for doubles (no mixed doubles). Grab the opportunity and form your team to triumph. So everyone, Smash till you drop!

3rd Aug

When we live in India, a place abundant in savories and delicacies; why not flaunt it! Prepare your unique dish or even re-create the one you know best; it can be a dish, or a beverage or even dessert. This is the part where you Eat and satiate yourself, doing charity at the same time. Let us all gather to celebrate the joy of giving through Food Treats. Register yourself to bargain for charity at the Terralogic Food Fest. All money collected will be donated for charity.

10th Aug

They say, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Just before we complete 10th year of Terralogic Excellence, we thought why not a Treasure Hunt gala time. For this, you need to set up your own team of 2 to win. We will give you picture clues to word scrambles and anagrams, for you to figure out the clue and grab the chest. The first team to get all the clues right and find the chest wins. How to take up Treasure Hunt: 1. Go-to Dynami website. 2. Select Treasure Hunt section and register your & your partner-in-crime details. (as each team can have only 2members) 3. On the day of Treasure Hunt, rules of the games will be explained to the participants before the hunt starts.

11th & 12th August

Playing on the world’s most historic game: cricket is an opportunity that doesn’t come around often. Walking out to the middle of an adrenaline shoot up game is something many of us only dream of. Just before Terralogic is about to complete 10years of hard work and success, lets us play to win our way to the final and as an added bonus. We are sure each team will find great way to increase their odds of reaching the finals! Register your team before all slots get booked.

14th Aug

Burn with Zumba! Here comes the part where you Burn Calories for charity. The Zumba programs do a positive impact on millions of people's lives, and it's in this spirit that we decided to have a Zumba Fund Raiser event. The mission is to foster initiative and raise funds and awareness for charitable causes.

Let us all gather to celebrate the joy of giving through Dance, Fitness, and Friendship. Register yourself to bargain for charity at the Terralogic Zumba event. All money collected will be donated for charity.

24th Aug

10 years in the business and climbing the ladder of success every day calls for a celebration. This is indeed as good as a festival time for all Terralogicans. So why not wear our best festive ethnic wear and decorate our floors and set the mood? Red & Black is the Theme for Floor Decoration. The floor that gets the best décor will win exciting prizes to hold. That’s not just it, we also have exciting prizes for the best ethnic wear ramp show. Mr. Terralogic and Miss. Terralogic with the best ethnic wear wins the show.

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