Governance Risk & Compliance

Our goal is to embed excellent business practices for organizations with best in class GRC.


We align processes and actions with the organization’s business goals to control security governance and specify accountability.


We identify and address all of the organization’s risks by performing risk assessment, risk analysis and prioritization, root cause analysis of issues and mitigation, and trend analysis.


We ensure all activities meet legal and regulatory requirements by providing flexible controls hierarchy, assessments, and audits, issue tracking and remediation along with analytics.

Our GRC Soultion Capabilities include

Enterprise Risk Management

Third-party Risk Assessment

Corporate Governance

Regulatory Compliance

Audit Management

Document Management

Reporting & Analytics

We are a Game changer in GRC

We have a vast experience of working with clients across various sectors & countries with an in-house expert team of technology professionals and engineers. Terralogic strengthens the team of professionals with various certifications such as CIAs, CISAs, CISSPs, CISM, and ISO LA/LI.

Our Expertise

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  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) systems are integrated applications that typically offer "modules" that aid in automating these fundamental business operations. They can aid in organizing several processes, including the following:

    • Managing the policy development, dissemination, and attestation process.
    • Maintaining a record of the needs of the law, rules, standards, and frameworks like ISO and NIST.
    • Monitoring and verifying that legal obligations, such as those imposed by the PCI DSS, GLBA, and HIPAA, are upheld.
    • Issuing surveys to business units asking them to compare their current practices to those standards and identifying any gaps./li>
    • Conducting Risk assessment exercises and managing risk factors, particularly in light of the gaps found.
    • Tracking mitigation activities taken to reduce those risks.
  • GRC focuses on integrating a few essential skills and tasks across the whole organization. Information technology, human resources, finance, and performance management are just a few of the competencies and duties that may fall under this category.

  • You can combine data on policy, compliance, risk, remediation, data archiving, and reporting with the help of a GRC system. A GRC system can assist with data inventory and classification as well as documentation and oversight of the necessary security procedures.

  • There is no standardization for the naming of the "modules" provided by GRC vendors, so it can be challenging to figure out what modules are needed for your business. Terralogic will help you identify, analyze and decide on modules to meet your specific business needs.

  • There is no approach to compliance risk that can be defined as one-size-fits-all. For every risk assessment case, we consider all the components that go into your company's overall compliance, followed by the procedures, precautions, and levels upheld in the current risk scenario. We do this to accomplish the evaluation of your entire compliance risks to address the right risks. Risk management is not an easy task, so Terralogic approaches your problem with comprehensive due diligence. so that you can obtain solutions that aid in automatically screening and classifying connections. We are aware of the most recent enforcement guidelines that firms must follow, along with ongoing monitoring and compliance updates. Managing compliance risks is not straightforward; rather, it calls for a variety of intricate techniques and a concerted effort to establish an ethical practice.

  • Predicting and managing risks that could hinder any company from consistently achieving its goals in a precarious situation is known as risk management. Compliance indicates to adhering the mandated limits, laws, and regulations, along with voluntary company boundaries like the company policies, procedures, and more.

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