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Reengineering becomes a bottleneck in an agile environment which demands faster deployment cycles and time to market.

To foster agility, DevOps practice in Terralogic has orchestrated a platform tailor-made for multi environments like on-premise/cloud/hybrid infrastructure. The on-demand provisioning of infrastructure is the driving force for the successful adoption of this platform across various customers of Terralogic.

The key to success of this platform is a tool-chain comprising of best in class open source deployment engines like Ansible, Chef, Jenkins etc.

This tool-chain establishes a pipeline providing uniform packaging & delivery across all engineering teams.


  • Automation - Core requirement for a nimble delivery pipeline for all cloud platforms.

  • CI/CD - Faster deployments and quick upgrades from sandbox to production infrastructure.

  • Performance QA - Automated frameworks to judge breakpoint and benchmark performances with overwhelming traffic.

  • Build & Customized Infrastructure - We realize every project is unique, hence our DevOps team is experienced to carefully observe the DevQA profile and cherry pick tools to build the entire infrastructure.

  • Continuous Support - Specialized support services for continuous monitoring and infrastructure maintenance.


  • DevOps Practice in Terralogic has proven track record with implementations in major Networking Corporates.

  • Install Ready Stack - Our range of pre-configured stacks are ready to be applied to matching projects to initiate rapid customization - an initiative native to the DevOps Practice in Terralogic.


  • Test automation is establishing intelligent regression models. A full regression suite is established by means of smoke tests, health checks and full blown regression.

  • Dynamic regression on every build after a commit.

  • Smart test framework to ignore tests & enable tests based on application changes.

  • Full-scale web automation using Selenium & overwhelming stress tests using load testing tools like JMeter.


  • Orchestrate resources- describe a series of resources that should be in a particular state: packages that should be installed, services that should be running, or files that should be written.

  • Run in client/server mode or solo mode, instruct software installations in coded order aligned with dependencies.

  • Streamline the task of configuring and maintaining a company's servers, and can integrate with cloud-based platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, OpenStack.


  • The primary usage for containers has been focused on simplifying DevOps with easy developer to test to production flows for services deployed, often in the cloud.

  • Containers jump-start OS resources.

  • Provide quick replication & templateized production deployments.

  • Minimal footprint causing exquisite performance. More application instances can fit onto a machine than if they were each in their own VM.

  • Docker facilitates a common tool-set, packaging model and deployment mechanism that greatly simplifies the containerization and distribution of applications.


  • Open ZFS enables data delivery on-demand to developers and testers while providing DBAs with tools and processes to quickly and accurately get the job done.

  • Hooks to the data source virtualize it and maintains an updated, versioned copy of the sources.

  • Automate DevOps process, delivering the needed environment faster so that developers can work self-sufficiently, whether they're standing up a new environment or refreshing a current project.

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