Data Scientist



We are a silicon valley startup funded by the The Fabric, a co-creation company with a great track record, including VeloCloud (recently acquired by VMware). Our founders have deep experience in IT Operations, AI/ML, Cloud and Enterprise Architecture. We are building a new class SaaS that helps organizations dynamically ensure their containerized, orchestrated microservices based cloud applications meet their service levels, adapting to changing loads and environments cost-effectively. Our service built with patent-pending approaches using AI/ML is an on-ramp to automating their operations of modern cloud applications.

Total Experience:

3 Years of Experience.

Job Skills:

1. Research and test machine learning approaches for analyzing large-scale distributed computing applications. 

2. Implement different models of AI and ML algorithms for prototype and production systems. 3. Test and refine the models and algorithms with live customer data to improve accuracy and efficacy 4. Work with other functional teams to integrate implemented systems into the SaaS platform 5. Suggest innovative and creative concepts and ideas that would improve the overall platform

Job Technologies:

Our product involves the following technology areas with one or more tools in use in each area: 

1. Container technologies, including creating Docker plugins and extensions 

2. Serverless technologies including instrumentation, addons 

3. Orchestrators including Kubernetes, OpenShift, Mesos, Swarm 

4. Metric generation and collection including Prometheus and tools like Dynatrace and Datadog 

5. Tracing including OpenTracing, Jaeger 

6. Graph tools and Databases including neo4j, JanusGraph, TinkerPop/Gremlin 

7. TimeSeries databases like Prometheus, OpenTSDB 

8. NoSQL and Indexing tools like MongoDB, Cassandra, Solr, and Elastic 

9. Languages including Java, Scala, Javascript, Python, R, and Go 

10. Messaging tools including Kafka, Akka 11. Big Data tools including HDFS, YARN, Spark, Flink 

12. AI/ML techniques including Statistical Analysis, Classification, Deep Learning, etc. 

13. Cloud services: AWS, GCP, and Azure, their services in databases, networking and ML tools 

14. High-performance User Interfaces including AngularJS, Vue, D3.js and local stores 

15. Authentication and Authorization including tools like Okta and KeyCloak 


The ideal candidate must have the following qualifications: 

1. 3+ years experience in practical implementation and deployment of ML based systems preferred. 

OpsCruise Proprietary OC ML mid-level JD October 2019 1/2 

2. BE/B Tech or M Tech (preferred) in CS/Engineering with strong mathematical/statistical background 3. Strong mathematical and analytical skills, especially statistical and ML techniques, with familiarity with 

different supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms 4. Implementation experiences and deep knowledge of Classification, Time Series Analysis, Pattern 

Recognition, Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Dynamic Programming and Optimization 5. Experience in working on modeling graph structures related to spatiotemporal systems 6. Programming skills in Python 7. Experience in developing and deploying on cloud (AWS or Google or Azure) 8. Good verbal and written communication skills 9. Familiarity with well-known ML frameworks such as Pandas, Keras, TensorFlow 

Most importantly, you should be someone who is passionate about building new and innovative products that solve tough real-world problems. 


We are an innovation-driven startup building a new category of services. 

We are looking for a Data Scientist who will join our team to develop and implement a variety of machine learning (ML) based algorithms and models for predictive and prescriptive AIOps for our SaaS platform in the cloud AI/Ops space.


  • Paid Medical, Vision and Dental insurance.

  • 401k with up to 5% company matching

  • Personal Training and Development Budget

  • Citibike and Zipcar memberships

  • Paid parental leave

  • Flexible work hours