Web Application Development



Candidate should be adept at in a similar role. Role is Senior Engineer, Technical Lead, Project Lead.

Total Experience:

4 to 10 Years of Experience.

Job Skills:

Core Java & concepts around dependent technologies for web based applications:

  • OOPs Concepts & Design Patterns - Clean understanding of Classes and Interfaces
  • Constructors, File IO and Serialization
  • Collections - List , Map , Set & DataStructures
  • Access Specifiers, Exceptions - Checked , Unchecked
  • Generics, JVM and Memory Management, Caching Data into memory
  • Multithreading and Synchronization,Dependency Injection
  • SQL & NoSQL Queries - Inner Outer Joins, Group By ,Stored Procedures,Triggers,Cursors
  • Rich experience in debugging the issues such as performance analysis, memory issues and optimizing of code

Job Technologies:

  • Java, J2EE, Hibernate, JSP/Servlets, JDBC, EJB, JSF, GWT, jQuery, HTML, XML,CSS, JavaScript.
  • Tools & Frameworks like Ant, Log4j, Junit, JXLS, Maven, JMeter, Jenkins.
  • Service Oriented Architecture / Web Services - SOAP / REST.
  • Frameworks like Swing, Spring,SWT, AWT, JavaFX.
  • Backends- SQL,NoSQL, CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis,Cassandra.
  • Unix basic commands.
  • Configuration Management - CVS, GIT, SVN.
  • WebServers- JBoss, Apache Tomcat etc.


  • Paid Medical, Vision and Dental insurance.

  • 401k with up to 5% company matching

  • Personal Training and Development Budget

  • Citibike and Zipcar memberships

  • Paid parental leave

  • Flexible work hours

Our 18 years of achievements includes:

  • 10M+

    lines of codes

  • 2400+

    projects completed

  • 900+

    satisfied clients

  • 16+

    counties served

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