Why are Companies adopting High-Performance Computing

8th August , 2018

Since the 1960’s, computer geniuses have been continuously enriching our lives with supercomputers. Thanks to scientific advancements, computers have become an integral part of our lives for some years now. Later, the 21st-century mobile technology has created a world where information is literally available in the palm of our hands.

A decade back it took minutes to view a web page properly. Remember the time when we used to queue outside the local cyber cafes just to play basic computer games? Then came internet which blew our mind with the fact of viewing the limited access of the World Wide Web with a single click. We got amazed when a single click could send a mail to a person living in another corner of the world in seconds. Yes, since then this progress never looked back. On the rise, our dependencies on computers increased exponentially and in return computer experts started making smarter computers every passing year.

In the recent world, we can perform almost everything using computers and robots. With time, we expect to have more and more advanced version of computers which has no limits. This is where the hope of high-performance computing (HPC) makes us eager to see it taking over modern day computing system to a whole new level. With HPC into play, computing’s advantages have increased with the high processing speed it delivers.

Today businesses are looking to process huge data, run analytics or unravel engineering objectives. Hence the need for supercomputers for competitive industry standards. Companies now need to have access to information faster, to offer a heads up over the tugging competition.

What is HPC?

HPC; High-performance computing refers to a cluster of systems working together seamlessly as a part to accomplish performance goals that are not possible with monolithic systems. HPC is a structure formed by a cluster of processors, high memory, high-speed networks and high-speed storage. The problems that are complex for other computing devices, HPC does it seamlessly. Initially, it was used only for the military, government and engineering firms, but now it has trickled down to businesses.

Now that we have a tad-bid idea about the concept. First, we must know why companies are adopting it. What is so great about it that HPC has become a singularity?

Here are the answers to ‘Why HPC?’ –

  1. With HPC faster-processing capabilities, businesses now are able to deliver faster results; this, in turn, makes a huge difference in profit margins.
  1. HPC can analyze data quicker, identify gaps, and deliver faster results. HPCs’ can also perform processes that identify opportunities to fix weak spots.
  1. Able to analyze and produce at alarming rates. HPC can handle product design, track climate patterns, fraud detection and what not.

Major IT companies are getting revolutionary about their HPC systems. Not just for high-performance use, but to be at the top notch for the next data revolution.

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