What you need to know about Infrastructure security

31st January , 2019

Infrastructure security is provided to secure critical IT infrastructures, like the ones required for Corporates, MNC’s, Government data holders, Network communications, Media etc. Infrastructure security seeks to limit the vulnerability of these structures and system to sabotage the information leading to security contamination.

A structure of systems, networks, and assets are vital for continued operation are needed to make sure to secure any critical infrastructure. Critical infrastructure remains the same in every aspect, with respects to their basic requirements. Some of these critical infrastructures capture intelligent data and reports, monitor rising and forthcoming cyber threats in strategic sectors, including something as significant as overall security.

Unlike all other security systems, Infrastructure Security has its common vulnerabilities within the network as well. Nowadays, network security gadgets accomplish a better role of keeping the cyber intruders from invading the business. But how do you protect yourself if the monster is within your security circuit?

USB drives: A gadget that easily infects a network within the firewall. We can easily drive and protect it by changing the computer’s default auto-run policies here.

Wireless access points: It helps easily to get connected to the nearest network within no time, and we know Free & unsecured WiFi have made enough damages and security threats. Hence, it’s recommended to use strong and alphanumeric passwords and changing it very frequently. The radius network protocol is recommended for better results.

E-mail: This facility is commonly used to send and receive data most of the time.
However, it’s also frequently misused and the confidential data can be easily shared to an outsider. Sometimes emails itself carries viruses. Hence, source identification could be the right choice to help the email security. Also, search for the sender who is using PGP encryption and double check before sending any sensitive contents.

That’s all for now, we will soon get back with more on Infrastructure security.
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