What is Digital Branding market focusing on 2018

8th August , 2018

After the digital demanding and year of 2017, this year expectations are more with transcending shift in digital marketing. As innovative trends are entering the square, companies’ needs to ramp up or they might be forced by the wayside. Digital marketing is the new shine making you visible in minimum time and reach more customers. In 2017, we have witnessed the wave of Facebook’s major tweaks and Instagram’s rise in user engagement, YouTube’s live streaming and what not.

Laying out some expectations from 2018 for the digital marketing industry. Here are some digital marketing trend predictions for 2018 are embracing:

Digital transformation: – In 2018, organizations are opting for a more structured logical approach to digitization. Practices are made of polished standpoints and approaches that strategically should be able to organize all the necessary ladders and components. With such picture in mind, 2018 is seen to be a year with a clear outline of business objectives and technologies.

Smartphone saga: – By the end of the last year, 69% of the country’s population was divulged in their smartphones plus 80% of them were engaged in social media through their smartphones. This number is going to rise only with time which is good news for businesses with a standing smartphone marketing strategy.

Image recognition on Social Media: – Visual content is way more powerful than text, it’s proven! Most of the social media hence opt for visual content these days like on Twitter and Facebook images are 2.3 times more likely to attract the audience. With social media platforms only concentrating on visual content like Instagram and Pinterest, came up a need for image recognition ways. Image recognition needs AI-based tools that will be able to automate the process, in the giant pool of image libraries, pulling out correct information on specific scenes, objects and characteristics helping insight and better-targeted marketing.

Personalized interaction with the customers: – Customer interaction techniques are turning more personalized, companies are adopting channels like push notifications, more personalized emails, and references of relevant interest on social media and even websites. Now this means big, not only will the interactions be personalized also the customer relationship journey can be made-to-order.

Audio SEO integration: – We have seen in 2017 that internet users are preferring less written content and more visual and audio content, this perspective might take a bigger shape in 2018 for audio-based search. Tech-giants are working on to make the audio based search SEO more effective and working, not just depending on the video tags and descriptions. Video ranking is also one big aspect that is getting the focus light in 2018.

Company Storytelling: – ‘Behind the Scenes’ is the new way of preaching your company agenda and motive to the masses. Building a brand and maintaining it in its desired position needs creativity and lot of thinking. Sharing companies’ candid ideas and facts through video storytelling is something people are seen to love making them viral. This aspect of branding through the digital media is sure to break all barriers in 2018.

Digital marketing now is coming up with brand new offers advancements in emergent technologies as consumers’ demands increases for better-integrated experience. After the 2017 digital marketing rush, 2018 expectations are soaring heights. Quality and meaningful content are what today’s digital fronts crave for, content is one of the key becoming a big part of every brand’s media plan. What’s your plan?

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