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The Future of Chatbots

23rd April , 2018

Chatbots are fun! Chat with a machine and it solves your issue.

Just a year in the past, every concern of ours needed a Customer support helpline number for assistance where the IVR wait sometimes seemed never-ending. After that long wait, if due to bad luck the connection gets dropped then we get doomed to the pain of calling again and wait for the inevitable. Not anymore! Luckily scenario has changed with Chatbots.

The reason why Chatbot is a hit is an arrangement that makes it always present for you and no human errors. This artificial conversational entity turns smarter on the go, it keeps on learning with its experience be it auditory or through texts. Thanks to Machine Learning, Chatbots are now becoming a smarter way for better customer relationship. Machine learning ideates that machines should learn, adapting from the past interactions, this helps to make them better and better all the time. Here is where AI comes into the picture, helping chatbots to impersonate human conversational behaviors using NLP (Natural Language Processing).

Now, this is good news!

Chatbots are predicted to make the efforts simpler and the results better and faster, feeding customer delight. Most of the service receivers today rely on technology, so much to make them a tech-savvy. Being always connected to the internet (through mobile, tabs and laptops), they are always looking for spontaneous and smooth customer experience from their service providers. So companies are coming up with algorithmic conversational agents like Chatbots to interact seamlessly with their customers.

Most of us with an Android or IOS smartphone know about chat assists like Google assistant and Siri. We know they have been built to give us a personalized experience through auditory chats. These as of now are only meant for conversation fun and entertainment like playing songs, setting up reminders/ alarms, calling or texting and finding destination map etc. However, these chatbots are soon to get beyond this limited functionality and be wisely responsive to diverse human natural language queries.

But for this to happen meticulously there is still time, then again is so much near to be foreseen. Soon Siri, Google Assistant, and other chatbots are expected to do more, be smarter than just setting the usual it does now. The future of Chatbots is hence dependent on Machine learning and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming), making them act as per their learning. Not only save time and be smarter on the go but also understand human mood, their transactions and round the clock uninterrupted efficient customer query resolving.

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