The Consequences of Losing Your Data

7th February , 2019

Data loss is a massive issue for every individual as well as a company of all sizes. The technology has advanced to the greater extents. Every person or business is entirely dependent on computers. The one thing which is still lacking is the recovery of the precious data. It requires a lot of money and IT professionals to recover 100% of the data. There are many instances when the company can’t recover the lost data at a cent percent rate.

Few causes of data loss
The loss of data can occur due to various factors. Every different reason can pose unique problems for the recovery of data. Few causes are as follows:-

Human Error
Hard Drive Damage
Malware and Viruses
Hard Drive Formatting.

Results of Data loss
The data can get lost by any means, but every person should be prepared for the worst. Data loss disrupts the regular functioning of the operations.
It takes a lot of time and money to recover the data. In case the IT professionals are not able to recover the data then the company has to work from scratch.
Data Loss is a severe setback to the standard productivity of the company. It is not that simple to produce the lost data which geta collected over the years.
When the sensitive data is compromised or stolen, then it is a massive disclosure to the clients and the reputation of the company. Even if the company can recover the data, it will take time to rebuild the relationships with the client.
About 7 out of 10 small firms are shut down every year due to the unfortunate data losses. Majorly due to lack of updating of security operation centers which act as the watchdog of precious data.
The loss of corporate data is not just a matter on annoyance. The whole infrastructure of the company faces the consequences.
Around 69% of small firms and startups go out of business within a few months of massive data loss incidents.


Data security for business is a vital part of the corporate sector. The databases should be updated regularly to curb such unfortunate consequences. Security operation centers are majorly neglected by most of the companies. The consequences are catastrophic for every startup and a well-settled infrastructure as well. Hence, maintaining a sound data backup is as essential as focussing on the productivity of the company.

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