Rise of Healthcare Smart Services

8th August , 2018

Healthcare Industry along with other industry stakeholders also started utilizing IT to process huge amounts of statistical data. Twenty years later, the second wave of adoption of information technology has arrived. It did two things: it helped integrate different portions of core processes within individual organizations, and it supported Business-to-business processes like logistics management for various institutions inside and outside the individual industries.

As for its effects on the healthcare sector, this second wave of IT adoption helped bring about the EMR Apps i.e. Electronic Medical Records and EHR Apps i.e Electronic Health Records like products. These programs helped create an essential and strong infrastructure that definitely will be useful in the future.

Many Hospitals have already moved to the 3rd wave of IT adoption, full digitization of their entire enterprise, including digital products, channels, and processes, as well as advanced analytics that enables entirely new operating models. No longer limited to helping organizations do a specific task better or more efficiently, digital technology has the potential to affect each facet of business and private life, enabling smarter selections, allowing individuals to spend additional time on tasks they deem valuable, and frequently fundamentally transform the way the value is created.

Players in the medical industry have been relatively successful in the second and first waves of IT adoption. But they struggled to successfully manage the myriad stakeholders, rules, and privacy concerns needed to build a fully integrated Healthcare Service Providers. This is partly since the second and first wave of IT adoption focused more on processes and less on patient needs. We believe the time has come for healthcare to go all in digital strategies.

Non-Healthcare organizations that pioneered the 3rd wave of digitization began by attempting to comprehend what their clients really wanted, they then built their initial digital services and products based on that info and has methodically extended their offers and client base from there. We believe this model will also work for healthcare as well. Success in the 3rd wave of digital is largely dependent on first understanding patients digital personal preferences in the channel and the service.

Surprisingly, across the globe, many people want the same thing: assistance with routine tasks and navigating the frequently complex healthcare system. We believe the medical industry is on the cusp of 3rd waves of IT adoption, and that now’s the time for it to go all in on digital strategies.

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