IoT – Internet of Things

8th August , 2018

What is IoT (Internet of Things)? Iotization of services :

Use IOT( Internet of things) to by providing remote connectivity between human and machine by using wireless technologies i.e Smart Mobile phone and internet in many of the areas and applications, improves user interface and experience while using the services w/o user presence at location and peace of Mind. The Application could be either Home automation with all appliances connected/Personal-e-money(e-wallet)/e-travel cards/Healthcare-wellness/fitness tracking devices(smart shoe)/baggage trackers/Industrial automation like access to hazardous areas and monitor and control the systems

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Continuous integration:

By providing continuous connectivity integration into our lifestyle to the user through mobile/internet to the devices being used personal/home/office the IOT helps the user to know about the Status, Security and surveillance, control and monitoring of connected devices, statistical data analysis(Big data)by storing the data in servers ex: Home appliances connected/working status, Home lighting, electronic appliances, security inside /outside garden cam view, car, wearable gadgets includes Kids tracking where abouts in school or home or public places etc. And the new devices can be connected and existing can be deleted over the network and its scalable.


By IOT one can connect to the devices/utilities in the network from anywhere and any place and monitor / observe the health and status of the systems connected in the network. And also the data can be stored in a server and the same can be accessed and analyzed, and correlated for further actions, like energy savings, reduce electricity bills and lower operational maintenance of the home and industry(Home automation and industry automation), And also statistics for future planning and precautions and estimates.


By making all the daily user utilities/activities and experiences digital it will be easy to know the information of connected devices and users including personal and Travel like medical/health assistance when you travel other countries and tracking assistance and security assistance. E-Wallet monetary assistance by connecting oneself to network and network of connected devices

Also it would improve the productivity and helps energy conservation for personal use and industries. Also it will drive towards one access for all the information and centralized data access and easy of permissions access at secure places like travel cards/e-boarding passes and saves time for the waiting , approvals and paperless transactions. And makes life comfortable and easy with enriched lifestyle.

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