Innovation of the UX practices

8th August , 2018

Every day something more innovative is being showcased and with such market upsurges, no one wants to lay behind with the conventional.

It is not different when you are looking for a great UX to flaunt your services, in the best way that it should be. An apt UX designer must understand people and the times they are in. A great UX not only endorses your product, but establishes user satisfaction, develops productivity, upsurges market adoption, and cuts down support outlays.

If we ponder over the evolution of UX since the very beginning, then UX has come a long way since 20years when the first concept of the website came into. Those days a web design was all about some important text information, keeping in mind the low-speed data bandwidth. With the introduction of table-based layouts, designers started to dig deep into the page structure and navigating the visitor to the needful call to action. Flash opened up a whole new world of prospects that nobody thought about, as HTML alone could not do it. With flash graphical features, interactive animations, 3D keys, splash pages, slideshows and colorful hovers made an across-the-board transformation. Here comes the idea of interactive designs that are completely focused on what kind of visitors are being expected and were designed on the expected personas considering both aesthetics and usability. Hence the start of the golden period of UX, with the support of CSS & JavaScript; websites now were easier to maintain than ever before because they were less complex, quicker and more flexible. In this era content and design elements were strategically engaged in its place to hit the user mind. Soon, the web was all about multimedia applications, interactive designs, and finest user experience.

Today, UX has taken the center stage of any web/app design. Designing and developing mobile apps has driven UX design to its present-day epitome. Responsive designs are the new norm and have caused designers to re-evaluate how a webpage should be structured and what content is actually key, but there are more to it.

As change is the only constant, UX is not unaware of the rule. We are witnessing this era of AI making shots on the design industry too, presenting a number changes of visual concords. Talking about AI, VUI (Voice User Interfaces) are incorporated into the domain for adding ease and value where visual attention is occupied. As for example, Apple has Siri, Google has OK Google, Microsoft has Cortana and so on. Now every UX asks to be more adaptable and concentrated on the aspect closely. This needs intense user research, user journey design, wireframes, prototypes, high-fidelity visual design, user testing, and even some coding. Not only it is indispensable to make focused, detailed product enhancements, but also to appraise wider design and market trends, skimming through the horizon for possible paradigm shifts in how to serve its users better. Overhauling the whole website/app authentication scenario, recently many websites/apps have discarded the password hassle, instead has come up with safer and hassle-free other authentication methods making it more effortless than ever.

If a predictive eye is viewed over the rapidly changing future of UX, augmented reality seems to be in practice making apps more human-like. Also, Chatbots are expected to take over the online customer service section, making VUI largely important in customer interactions. Demand for UX design is taking its next huge step, handling reminders/alarms more effortlessly, keeping a track of your important accessories with a touch, easing-up the process of choosing programs on your machine and more. Whatever seems time-taking and frustrating in daily life, that’s most likely the area where capable UX designers will be needed!

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