How Chatbots are changing the way of CX

8th August , 2018

The new buzz is all about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it is changing the way we used to think about life in dramatic ways, almost like in the Sci-Fi movies. It all excites us to think to live such a life, isn’t it? So a new structure with an intent of enhancing Customer Experience has come-up fueled by AI is the idea of Chatbots.

What is a Chatbot? A Chatbot is designed to deliver better and quicker interaction with the customer to provide a solution. This is making Chatbots a viable customer service channel where the customer will get a human-to-human interaction experience but through a Chatbot, but much faster, prompt and solution-oriented as far as content plus context of customer requests and questions are responsible. Typically, customer service Chatbots were designed only to answer questions that they can link with the pre-ingested keywords. Now AI is improving on that arena creating Chatbots for the future. At this point, Chatbots will only take care of low-level human requests/tasks/questions or low-level complaints that are handled by human effort now. If in case of an irate or frustrated customer – the Chatbot will automatically transfer the request to a human in the company’s support center.

Pointing out ways how Chatbots is the next answer to customer delight making a major impact on the CX world:-

1. The Chatbot never sleeps: With a cost-efficient 24/7 customer service support as the Chatbot never sleeps, the whole experience of customer handling for service turns Live Support for basic queries. Thankfully a Chatbot is smart enough to decipher irate human emotions like anger, confusion, fear, and joy.

2. Less wait time for customers: Chatbots will not make its customer wait and listen to the boring wait music with irrelevant company offers and news. Though a computer is doing the whole work, customers need not worry because if the query is critical then they will be redirected to a human support.

3. Smarter and more personalized: Customer details will be updated from support interactions for more customer-centric personalized interactions. It will almost feel like the customer is talking to someone who already keeps an eye on the previous queries and needs. So that the Chatbot/Agent can come up with solutions based on current needs as well as past interactions with the customer.

4. Helps to shape Customer-Company rapport: Chatbots can make proactive outbound connections with their customers revolutionizing the way companies stay in touch with their customers. Be it through a simple e-mail or a text on the client’s birthday, or a quick feedback to ask if they’re enjoying the brand’s service or product, all these foster Customer-Company friendship loyalties.

No doubt there are a lot of questions for expected Chatbots issues. For Customers who are used to conventional call center protocol, how will they react to this new feature? Will they prefer the older ways? But, there is a growing contingent of customers who’re increasingly open to the new generation upgrades, specifically if it is able to decorate their experience delight. As the technology improves and popularity grows, Chatbots, powered via AI, has a robust function future in customer support and help, even to help in improved DevOps techniques.

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