Funding Terralogic ideology through acquiring a long-standing Virginia based IT firm

8th August , 2018

The union of Terralogic and ISA airs a vast potential of IT services postured to aggressively pursue new business in both the commercial and federal government markets.

Integrated Systems Analysts, Inc. (ISA) : Bring into being in 1980, ISA a well-established veteran systems engineering and information technology service company with a thirty-five-year track record of contributing disciplined, innovative, and responsive technology services to business and government agencies worldwide. ISA has a 35-year history of consistent leadership, financial stability, and customer satisfaction. Dedication to continuous improvements enhancing reputation and generating a loyal core of customers, allowed ISA to prosper and grow. Continually pursuing the philosophy of Integrity, Pride, and Performance ISA had proudly held their IT Services, Staffing Solutions, Systems Engineering and Explosives Safety. Today ISA specializes in computer solutions and services to the Federal Government and corporate customers. ISA has multiple service locations throughout the US with principal business locations in Novi, Michigan; Alexandria, Virginia; and Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Transform Yourself; Transform Your Team; Transform Terralogic! Is the Terralogic mantra. Funding the same ideology on the advent of 2018.
Terralogic is thrilled to finally announce the acquisition of Integrated Systems Analysts, Inc. (“ISA”), a Virginia based establishment specializing in Systems Engineering, Explosives Safety and IT Support solutions.
This takeover will allow ISA customers catch up benefits from Terralogics’ extensive service capabilities, including the UI/UX Design, Software Development, Test/QA, Automation, DevOps, Enterprise Solutions and Support, Cloud Infrastructure Solutions, IIOT and AI/ML Solutions. The shift will provide Terralogics’ existing global customer base with improved access to an IT workforce who holds decades of experience working in Automotive, Health Care, Manufacturing, Financial and Government segments across the US.
2018 has kick-started with Terralogic expanding its service offerings to the U.S. Department of Defense and other Federal Government Agencies.
Michael C Gooden, CEO of ISA will join Renil Komitla, President & CEO of Terralogic in the board of ISA. Welcoming 75 employees and consultants of ISA to join Terralogic family. In Michael’s words – “The union of Terralogic and ISA results in a vastly more capable IT services firm postured to aggressively pursue new business in both the commercial and federal government markets. “
The acquisition of ISA opens up a number of important new customer relationships like of FORD, Aetna, Honda, Fredie Mac, Department of Defense etc. for Terralogic in both Enterprise and Government segments.
An excellent strategic fit for Terralogic overall portfolio, serving to strengthen the offerings to both Terralogic and ISA customers.

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