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Five Major Cloud Computing Competitive needs for 2018

14th April , 2018

Cloud computing is the new trend and Indian organizations are not lagging behind implementing Hybrid and Public platforms is on high demand now. But that’s not enough, adopting cloud computing without the right combination is no good but finding the right combination is.

Today there are customized services offered by the Cloud players making them grow exponentially. With 2018 advent, Indian Public Cloud service market is anticipated by Gartner to hit $1.9 billion by the end of 2018, i.e. hitting a rise of 42% since the last two years.

Adopting Cloud technology India is racing towards the next gen. Tech giants like Google, who are in the system since 14 long years are working on Cloud computing elevations because they understand how it aids real challenges with data becoming key to make smart choices and stay competitive.

For 2018, cloud computing also goes range of advancements. Here are some of them:-

  1. Multi-cloud is now mainstream making open source the portability enabler. Multi could is expected to be the standard process in 2018 especially for cloud confident establishments.
  2. Cloud adoption is rapidly shifting towards cloud optimization. In the current year it is predicted to be controlled by the cloud narrative shifts from adoption to optimization.
  3. With companies classifying the need for the right cloud mix for them, there will be a huge push on the implications of data.
  4. Hybrid cloud is a key to expansion of related trends and is a key factor to make it powerful. Hybrid cloud will always find its place in modern IT shops until we have digital transformation and edge computing trending across the globe.
  5. Containers, orchestration, and micro services are one of the most talked about topics in IT for a while; except the craze to grow better in the next coming years.

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