Contributors to Cloud Infra Costs

8th August , 2018

Quickly projecting a bird’s eye view of the 4 items that contribute towards cloud infra costs. Either be it estimating or be it analyzing your Cloud Infrastructure costs, both are a little tricky one. Generally, AWS or a similar cloud infrastructure service provider gives a good amount of calculation facility where you can input the details and get predictive billing data, but for most of the people, it is difficult to get more accurate cost prediction because the cost is derived from the inputs that you have actually given. In which the critical part is to give the right inputs.

So let’s talk about the 4 major contributing factors:

Capacity – At this point what comes to the mind is the processor capacity and Ram capacity. Normally this decision comes with the knowledge of your tech stack, about your Cloud Infrastructure design and your Cloud Infrastructure architecture. The better you know about your tech stack and its pro’s and con’s you can choose the right capacity which is apt, this is to avoid under performance or under-utilization of the allocated resources outlining the best Cloud Infrastructure. Bad architectures and designs, influxes the need for more capacity thus increasing the cost exponentially.

IOPS – The number of times your Cloud Infrastructure architecture is going to be accessed and the amount of data which passes through them is another critical factor which determines the Cloud Infrastructure cost. If the IOPS are higher it’s a good problem to have, which means the application is used more unless and until there is no malicious activity.

Database – Your database properties such as redundancy and high availability factors that you have chosen for your application directly contribute to the cost. So the need for architecting them wisely is important in controlling the overall infra cost.

Storage – Storage costs are becoming cheaper and cheaper by the day. But still choosing the right storage space depending on the frequency of the access of stored data can contribute to your Cloud Infrastructure cost especially when the volume is large.

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