Chatbot using AWS Lamda & Lex

8th August , 2018

We have all heard the latest buzzword in the tech sphere and everybody is going crazy about them. Businesses are also gushing over the thought of having these for their businesses. Chatbots, yes Chatbots are making the news.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot is a computer program intended to put up a meaningful conversation with human users.

So how does a Chatbot understand a work the way it does? Artificial intelligence is its base of knowledge, which lets it learn on the go from multiple conversations, draw context, and build an appropriate response within that context. Chatbots are designed to chat with humans without letting out the human to machine interaction incongruity. It is designed to make the human on the other end feel the same way as it feels chatting with another human on the go.

The thought of Chatbots became predominant; when people started enjoying and spending more time using messaging applications. This made messaging apps one of the most popularly used for interaction medium, hence the rise of Chatbots.
It can be quite foreseen, that in near-future no longer will consumers have to hunt through multiple websites and search engines in search of the facts and figures they need. Soon, people will prefer to chat with intelligent chatbots and get their hands on relevant and required enquiry explanations.
Terralogic is also not far behind in this context. Looking for innovation in what we serve we have built the following bus booking bot to guide the end users to book a bus ticket using Amazon lex and Lambda.

Bus Bot: Hi user, please let us know your destination city of travel?
User: Chennai
Bus Bot: Please let us know whether you like to travel in AC, Non-AC, or sleeper?
User: AC
Bus Bot: What will be you’re prefer date and time to travel. E.g. Today Morning, afternoon, evening?
User: Today Evening
Bus Bot: Please let us know the number of seats you would like to book.
User: 4
Bus Bot: Are you sure you want to book 4 seats in an AC bus from Bangalore to Chennai at Today Evening?
User: Yes.
Bus Bot: Thanks. I have placed your reservation. Soon you will receive a call from our representatives.

Amazon Lex:

Amazon Lex is an AWS service for structuring conversational interfaces for applications by means of voice & text. Amazon Lex is helping developers to build sophisticated, natural language Chatbots into the existing applications. Amazon Lex is the same conversational engine that powers Amazon Alexa. Amazon Lex delivers in-depth functionality and flexibility of natural language understanding (NLU) and automatic speech recognition (ASR), helping to build highly fetching UX with human-like, conversational interactions, and produce new sets of products. One can make an interactive bot using Amazon Lex gears like: utterances, slots, fulfilments etc.

Amazon lambda:

Amazon Lambda, an AWS service, wherein one can run code without the need for setting up or dealing servers. It can set up the code to automatically trigger from other AWS services or call it straight from any web or mobile app.
With Amazon Lambda, it is now possible to build and deploy applications that require no operational looking after and giving limitless scale. This removes a lot of complexity, withdrawing the need to manage application servers any longer.
Using lambda function one can catch the expressions and validate the input queries to provide valid outputs to the end user with help from Amazon Lex. Chat bot use Natural Language Process (NLP) to get smarter as it is designed to learn from the conversations.

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