Are Construction Industries dawdling in Digitization

8th August , 2018

The manufacturing & construction industries are on the rise, no less, not behind. While the rest of the world that is getting smarter every day, it will no longer be prudent to just take on construction industry work structure. The question is, is the real estate productiveness still lingering in the slow ways of age old technology with its distinct reputation for being one of the slow runners? Or the story has changed now for good.

For being adaptive to the changing world, the biggest challenges for Manufacturing & Construction industries are the selection of framework for a consistent flow of information across the work flow of the site. Thankfully, business objectives are now opting right from the selection of the right framework to smart business modelling that offers compatibility between their legacy system and the targeted business.

How will Digitization help the current scenario?

Digitization is now reaching out for reducing significant risk and bankability enhancing the infrastructure, improving feasibility and asset maturation; now that the construction & manufacturing sector is needful for smarter process. Typically 20% more time is needed in the hefty projects to finish and are hence 80% over the budget, but not anymore. Construction formerly, was mostly dependent on paper at least in the terms of design and architecture layout. Thanks to state of art 3D modelling and digital engineering have revolutionized the infrastructure with precision being the key influence.

The process of delivering an integrated set of geometric model data and documenting over the life of a project by capturing entire information related to any particular asset during phases like design manufacturing construction and asset management phases is termed as Digital Engineering. During this process, it does need collaboration for the project stakeholders by providing them with innovative solutions which can be identified, developed and validated. Digitization of this very segment of the industry can substantially reduce jeopardies, enhancing infrastructure tasks guaranteed to bring profit, also improving their viability and asset lifecycle. There is a huge incentive for industry players within the production enterprise in converting productivity and venture transport with the help of new technologies and stepped forward practices.

The advantages of newer technologies are that they are beating the challenges. So, the industries need to pump up to match their steps with the new technologies and try to be more productive. Alongside this, modern age building materials like self-healing concrete, nano-materials, aerogels, 3D printing and pre-assembled modules are found cost-effective and faster which in turn improves quality and safety. The gelling up of digital and real world is actually providing users with immersive virtual experience.

Nowadays, fat organizations are updating to new capabilities and technologies very quick and adoption and penetrations are getting started. Now, they need to shift from being only a concept, construction to a constructible model by adapting to new changes and digitalization. But, will this fusion be the future? We guess, we will have to wait for the right answer.

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