Angular JS and why is it popular

8th August , 2018

It is extensible and works well with some other libraries. All its features may be modified or replaced to match the enterprise’s distinctive development workflow and feature requirements. AngularJS allows you to extend the HTML vocabulary for the application. The consequence is exceptionally expressive, readable and fast to develop. The technology has become more popular compared to other JavaScript frameworks like Node.js, Ember.js, and React.js.Development of applications is in great demand with the increasing use of devices. Enterprises need to build applications which will assist them to expand their customer base.

Typically, web site development has a limited set of skills as opposed to hybrid and native applications on mobile devices. That might be the reason businesses are moving towards hybrid or natives programs to maintain the consumer’s ratio. Especially, to target apparatus, hybrid ought to be the first option for organizations. Hybrid provides itself nicely due to its support for the web view. As per the current flow, programs are being chosen by businesses. AngularJS can be an ideal platform to build the hybrid applications.

The Angular JS is a reliable platform for several industries like gaming, transportation, fitness and health, entertainment, tools, travel sector, lifestyle, weather, etc. AngularJS has undergone some significant changes from versions 1.0 to 1.3 to enhance every part of AngularJS. After its version 1.3, in place of looking at enhancements, their team has decided to concentrate on AngularJS 2.0. The belief is that since AngularJS has rolled out, the majority will be compatible with its features, in order that developers can only concentrate on application development. In one word, the future of AngularJS will be inspirational for the developers.

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