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AI is taking over: Predictions and Facts

5th April , 2018

After the major layoff in 2017, IT professionals are already taken aback by the automation of n-number of jobs (especially in India). IT industry is one the executive jobs in India, being the bread earning cause for thousands of the shaped-up IT grads. Recent changes in the industry has led to increasing pressure of delivering the best with the lesser strength to scale effectively so that the employee base is too hefty.

Now, this change is affecting a lot of executive jobs, like that of the low-end managers, senior executives etc. To catch up with the changed game, too many of the IT professionals are running to keep up with changes in their industries. With this scenario making news, people are seeing most of their lost jobs taken over by automation. It did not take much time to figure out the threat of AI in all this evolution, with a perception that AI is soon to replace humans for a range of jobs.

2017 was all about tech innovations and advancements with the whole world glued to tech-trends more than ever before. Today businesses are adopting more agile way of working in the run of becoming more future-ready. And with AI working along is creating wide-ranging consequences for major job vending sectors, it is being predicted that soon companies won’t need humans to predict human behavior, thanks to AI-enabled cars, phones and other domestic gadgets. Companies are saying that now computers are learning human behavior by trial and error method.

Jobs that require redundancy and less efficiency or skill has a major change of being over driven. At the end of the day, it’s not an industry-wide flux that we’re in and any human who has a redundant job need with more efficiency and more labor should fear being replaced by AI. The only key is to make oneself irreplaceable or rather very difficult to replace can build a safe career. Using the human touch and holding a job where human element is vital however can save the scene for humans. It can be said as of now that no job (as the threats and possibilities are unknown) is safe from AI. However, there is little point in denying that change is slowly and inexorably coming.

But the good news is not all jobs are in threat, the AI route is gulping down some job spaces, not all. There are also predictions that the increased tech-twisting on AI will create better job opportunities, for this only time will tell whether AI will make space for better jobs or take away the existing ones.

The future is now, and it’s up to humans to make sure they stay pertinent in today’s intelligent industry to push off the synthetic souls. Enhancing skills and abilities to become better than the other in job roles can thoughtfully comfort that when the employer gets to choose between a human and an algorithm, the human stands a good chance for being the tried and tested one all these while.

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