2018 predictions for UX are bigger and better

8th August , 2018

2018 is expected to be focusing on ease of access and user-friendliness, making unique products and user experiences that essentially to make a difference in the way UX used to work.

Why driving so much behind UX innovation? Companies have found a sure path to business success through UX innovations; much in demand. There are a lot of expectation from this area of business, so here we are pointing out 2018 expectation from the UX front:-

  1. User satisfaction is on the high priority list: –

UX opens up ways to engage with your customer, driving solutions for a great customer experience. Gone is the time when only pushing the unrealistic sales target without a good internal understanding of the customer persona need performed. 2017 has already kicked off the barrier down, shifting this mindset to customer understanding centric, enhancing user experience in the board-room hooked on greater products and faster-growing companies.

  1. Only understanding design experience is not enough:-

We as an institution, have seen how people have engaged with technology in no time thanks to voice assistants like Cortana, Alexa and more. Just so much in a year of innovation and adoption, 2018’s predictions are bigger and better. Experts are saying that 2018 has the probability of being the year of huge mass technology adoption. But for this to happen UX needs to reach internal user understanding, so as to make it simpler for even a toddler to make use of it. This needs more divulge in the technical dive for the designers because what is expected is the outstanding result till date in history.

  1. UX crown is not a bounty without the UI jewel anymore:-

This is a discussed topic in the design arena, which now is turning to be a necessity. One cannot conceal facts under sheets for long, UX & UI can no more afford two different roles of responsibility. 2018 makes a standard that UX and UI need to be under the same hat and rise, though it is quite a challenge still to the present date. There is no denial of the increasing prerequisite for versatility in both the arenas and need to up-skill adding new jewels to their crown. Terralogic has a packed up skilled team of such crown bearers, all geared up for the challenging year ahead.

  1. The advent of the Voice-First age:-

Gartner visions that within next couple of years, a majority of the consumers i.e. almost 30% of web sessions will be focused on voice. The world is moving towards a tech-driven-future, driving and setting trends faster, these innovations in no time become a part of our daily life. In 2018, the interface-less design is expected to eliminate the need to touch or type, this is expected to crop up further in 2018. The whole concept design without interface is becoming more and more popular with a goal to eliminate the friction points as the voice is slowly eliminating the need to type, or even use your hands at all.

Having pointed out these, it is needless to say that the requirement for such proficient designers is going to be amongst the top priority for the industry that transacts under the design canopy. In short; 2018 is going to be the year where UX designers will be much wanted and recognized.

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