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For Service Industries customer necessity is the primary criteria through which business makes its path. To ensure flawless user experience across multiple engineering and support services, the role of QA can never be emphasized more.

Hence, quality assurance is majorly divided into five important aspects to cover most of the quality crunches as Specifying customers needs, Expectation determination, Design quality, Inspection throughout the process and Feedback regard.

  • Terralogic offers the following unique skill set catering to the Testing services.
  • Test Case Management System- Test Link, JIRA, IBM RQM, HP QC etc..
  • Test Authoring System – ROBOT, STAG, Perl/Python/TCL, iTest, Eggplant, Appium
  • Test Reservation System – CloudShell, Quali, Spirent ILO
  • Test Execution & Reporting – SeleniumTestNG, IBM RQM, Spirent ILO.



Professional services for Quality assurance is optimized when systems are streamlined for customer focused services, in-depth knowledge of process and system approach, improvement on a real-time basis and resolution making based on affecting factors.

In Terralogic, we keep a keen eye on our test strategies, planning code coverage, process and performance optimization, systems integration, product evaluation, expert advice on overall assurance services to ensure best in industry service.


Test solution for quality assurance ensures comprehensive testing solutions with complete alignment to objectives. The purpose is to address all of testing needs and transformation to assure continuous improvements.

Terralogic provides proficient services for test strategy, plan and test case generation executed for quality control services, system development, integration, regression, accessibility of software delivery for various testing fields like UI and Usability testing, Process and Platform compatibility Testing, Mobile Application Testing, Test Automation using advanced tools like SeeTest, SandStorm, Perfecto Mobile, HP QTP, HP QC, ZapFix, ZapFarm.




In automated testing, the Test Engineer must have software coding expertise. So when run, it should produce output according to the assertions that are a part of it.

Terralogic provides professional automation services for various industry products, software, deployment and custom solutions in the areas of Networks, IVR, Storage, Voice, Video, Embedded Systems, IT Infra, Systems Integration, ERP, SOA, CRM and ADM, expertise services with ROI in the areas of IT and Business.


Performance testing for QA is to ensure if at all a product meets the exact specified requirement and expectations when live. This process is to take care of developers to establish goals and define product quality.

Terralogic helps in end-to-end performance engineering services in regards to performance testing through load, stress, recovery and volume testing. Our process also detects issue, scalability, response time, dependency impacts etc to make sure the output product in sync with the expectation.