In the world of growing network users/devices, the need for building networks and services for these users is ever growing. SDN/NFV provides the new way of approach to Design, Deploy and manage networks which are agile in nature and reduce overall operational/hardware cost compared to legacy networks.

SDN: Software defined network separates the control plane and data plane thus leading to centralized control over distributed networks in terms of orchestration and automation of network services.

NFV: Network Functions Virtualization’s primary goal is software implementations of network functions/services which are currently running on dedicated hardware devices to increase the service innovation and provisioning.


  • Flexibility: SDN/NFV offers quick deployment and provisioning of networks and services.
  • Scalability: Scaling can be achieved across multiple servers with less time.
  • Cost Savings: Operational cost and proprietary hardware cost reduced very significantly.
  • Revenue (ROI): Ability to enter new market areas with innovation in virtualized networks

Customers find it very comfortable to collaborate with Terralogic due to latter’s expertise in Network(L2L3) and Network Functions(L4-L7) coupled with virtualized network orchestration.



  • Openstack based cloud Orchestration.
  • SDN/NFV orchestration.
  • Service Applications for Virtualized Core/Edge Routers.
  • Device management and integrations.

    1. Quality enhancement and optimization for virtualized networks
    2. White/black box testing in NFV/SDN platform
    3. Test automation for SDN/NFV Networks
    4. Functional/System/Performance/scalability in controller & Platform