The Internet of Things is changing the face of business and IoT devices are going to have a massive impact on how you do business - So is your business ready for the IoT?

Few trends that IoT is going to bring are


With IoT devices connecting users in new ways every second, a torrent of data will be available and smart devices will be able to track and record patterns of consumer behavior, and possibly even learn from them, making intelligent product recommendations and customizing searches in new, innovative ways.

IOT combined with Data Science and Cloud has huge potential to lift the user experience and product/ service quality to greater heights.


The latest IoT developments likely allow you to accomplish large-scale tasks faster and with greater precision, including data analysis and management.


IoT will completely change the traditional inventory tracking and management. Smart devices should take up the inventory converting allowing your human resources to focus on more demanding tasks.


The connectivity over N/W will ensure all the connected devices are tracked and ensure the security of the whole system which uses it. Also, you can allow access and deny access to certain areas to the people by controlling and monitoring remotely, which avoids/reduces continuous human presence.


Decision making will be a lot easier and faster for your customers and delivery also needs to cope up with that pace. Instant gratification is the key – get ready to serve your customers faster.


By deploying IOT technology, through continuous monitoring and control would enable us to take action to reduce the wastage of conventional resources, electricity, water, fuels etc.. Which in turn will make lower/reduced operational cost. Hence the ROI can be increased.

2017 will witness the explosion of IoT devices in popularity. So get ready and be ahead of your competition.

Terralogic provides end to end IoT solutions to empowering them to tap the maximum benefits from IoT combined with Data Science and Cloud.



  • Consultation and POC design
  • New Solution design and development
  • Solution customization for scalability and new features development
  • Web applications development for the existing system
  • Mobile Apps development and Cloud connectivity and reports
  • Product optimization through VA/VE
  • Product compliance certification
  • System Verification and validation testing
  • Product sustenance and end user support
  • End-device application development with multiple protocols and cross-platform support
  • System Integration
  • Application Management and Support