SaaS applications powered in the Cloud are becoming more robust, powerful and flexible than ever.

Ever since Amazon spearheaded cloud offerings by opening their services in 2006 to organizations, the retail and communication segments have been the most transparent and obvious interfaces for end customers to shop and personalize their data in the cloud.

Cloud allows users to sync customized content on the cloud with telecom majors offering dedicated storage for every customer on its cloud.

With e-Commerce, customers are able to set favorites for shopping preferences, configure notifications to remind them of the availability of his/her “Wishlist” etc.. Live logistics integration, tracking and Real Time Inventory update have become de-facto standards.

Essentially cloud transformation enables retailers and other organizations a centralized, secure location where their customers save data, the organizations themselves used it to derive analytics out of shopping patterns, craft offers thereby establishing better connect with customers.

Being cloud-oriented allows retailers to focus bandwidth and investments in places that matter most.

The e-commerce SaaS teams under Terralogic boasts of the following offerings tailor made to address the retail segment:

  • Implement fully functional e-commerce stack ground up using the cloud stacks - IAAS, PAAS & SAAS.
  • Dedicated DevOps & Support team with specific focus on Amazon Web Services®.
  • Competence in Mobility – iOS & Android platforms.
  • Targeted solutions – Bookings for Bus, Cabs, Tours & Holidays, Hotels & Logistics
  • Multi Payment Gateway offerings with Wallets
  • Inventory sharing/outbound API services for other e-commerce sites.