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Software Development is a synergy between three teams – Development, QA & Deployment IT Operations. With every year the time to market factor is decreasing so rapidly, that Software Development had to churn out an integral and unique team coming out of the culmination of these three integral services for a software delivery.

DevOps is inevitable if companies need to be nimble footed to address deliveries and services ahead of their competitors. A strong DevOps Infrastructure is the key ensuring Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Acquiring DevOps skill sets is realized through an array of Deployment, Integration & QA toolsets.



The DevOps team first interaction is kicked off with development team through SCRUM sessions initiated by the Agile Sprints cycles.

The design interactions and requirements result in a high-level understanding of the environment and development infrastructure.

The Automation enabled by the DevOps team in development typically ranges from setting up ALM tools like Tuleap, Build frameworks like Ant, Maven, Configuration Management through VSS®, SVN, Git and collaboration through JIRA®, Service-Now®, Mantis®.


Quality Assurance and Automation industry can add up to 50% of a software product’s lifecycle bringing down the cost wasted for fixing software bugs. Expert IT services for Test strategy, plan and test case generation for quality control services, system development and accessibility of software delivery.

Terralogic is one of the few companies who work with both Ixia and Spirent who are among the leaders in providing testing & conformance solutions.

Terralogic adopts a wide range of industry-standard testing practices leverage state-of-the-art frameworks both open source and proprietary. Testing & Coverage frameworks JUnit, GCOV, JaCoCo(Emma) & Cobertura can be built post a successful build scenario to valid Unit testing. Functional and Feature tests are automated through Perl, Python & shell scripts.

Web automation & reporting is realized through industry standard frameworks such as Selenium-TestNG, Apium etc.




Open source deployment tools like Hudson, Jenkins & Bamboo offer clear automation of SCM tools like Git, SVN, CVS. Terralogic DevOps team lays down the build infrastructure thereby facilitating rapid feedback and continuous delivery to staging and production environments.


The Operations & Support team in Terralogic complete the last piece of the DevOps group with critical functions such as monitoring of infrastructure & maintenance activities in the cloud. Engineering enters the Sustenance phase once the Operations teams under DevOps take over monitoring. Terralogic diverse portfolio of services contribute end-to-end IT Operations, Cloud Infra, Storage, Security and Infra Management services with Operational Intelligence, Identity and Policy Management Service, Backup and Storage, Disaster recovery services, Security and Access governance, Cloud Migration and Maintenance, Data Center and Colocation Services and much more. Typical operations include:

  • Execute tools, manage, monitor & troubleshoot infrastructure.
  • Setting up auto scaling configurations to respond to fluctuations CPU & Disk utilization to allow seamless operation of the SaaS applications.
  • Execute operations such as installations, patch updates/upgrades, migrations on AWS.