It is no longer prudent to assume that real estate industry still persists with its distinct reputation for being one of the slow runners to adapt to the changing world.

The most challenging decision that organizations involved in construction & manufacturing sector are the choice of framework to ensure a consistent flow of information across their enterprise - from desks to factory to the construction site.

The organization must spell out its business objectives for the selection of the right framework/vendor that offers compatibility between their legacy system and the target business model.

The ERP consultants in Terralogic offers apt capabilities in consultancy solutions catering right Cloud ERP selection and a technical team that executes following world-class integration's that are critical to digital transformation.

  • Building Information Modelling BIM product families using Autodesk®
  • Customized SaaS deployments for Purchase & Procurement departments – (BoM) Bill of Materials
  • Interface connected devices to execute TakeOff procedures “on site” through Cloud ERP data seamlessly represented on connected devices(Tablets)
  • Single Sign On for secure access to all corporate tools with ERP with Azure®
  • Unified Barcode Integration for Defect Logging in Sales & Purchases at the warehouse.
  • Interfacing Product Life Cycle Management with ERP
  • Real-time Dashboarding of Inventory variances between Third party Logistics & the ERP.
  • IT Services required for ticket based resolutions & 24 * 7 helpdesk services in & around the ERP.