TL SpiderHub - The IoT Home Automation Gateway

Amidst of all available Home Automation gateways currently available in market, TL SpiderHub stands out by its unique feature where all wireless protocols are bundled into a single small form factor which none of the existing Home Automation Hubs provide as of now.

Gateway Controller :

  • ARM9 Cortex, 1GHz processor based board with integrated modules for different Wireless protocols.

Wireless protocols Supported:

  • Bluetooth low Energy (BLE)
  • Bluetooth Classic-Audio
  • Z Wave
  • ZigBee (802.15.4)
  • WiFi (802.11.ac/n)

Other Features:

  • OTA(Over The Air) Firmware updates.
  • Online/Offline connectivity.
  • Mesh capability.
  • Inter-protocol communication.
  • Security - SSL /TLS.

Cloud Integration

  • MQTT, RESTful service

***TL SpiderHub has the ability to expand its capability for controlling home appliances like TV, AC, Projector etc***

NB: TL SpiderHub is currently in prototype stage and is under alpha testing.

Features enabled with different wireless protocols :

TL SpiderHub can Integrate all Z wave devices. Features include Add, Remove, Monitor and Control such as Door Lock, Multi sensor, Water leak sensor, Smoke/CO sensor, Door close sensor, Siren, Window Shutters etc. Also shows current status, alert and notification on intrusion and on any safety threats.

TL SpiderHub is equipped to control Zigbee based smart devices i.e lighting control, Window shades, Locks etc. and other home automation devices similar to Z-wave.The advantage with TL SpiderHub is, one can integrate any zigbee device with Custom Security layer, without limiting to a single manufacturer.

BLE 4.x - TL SpiderHub has capability to connect any BLE 4.x enabled end device such as Home lighting, Door Locks, Security sensors and can monitor and control it.

BLE 5 - The IOT gateway support latest BLE 5.0 mesh capability, which has an advantage over 4.x with lowest power consumption and longer range.

BLE Audio - TL SpiderHub has in built Audio codec to provide audio alerts or messages. Additionally it can can play humongous online radio channels and mp3 songs which are stored in its micro SD card.

BLE Energy Harvesting Switch integration - (The battery-free Internet of Things devices) - TL SpiderHub supports BLE enabled Energy Harvesting Technology switches. These are batteryless devices used for BLE based lighting system. POC is demonstrated and integration with Spider Gateway is in Progress.

IP Camera's : TL SpiderHub can integrate third party Cameras based on ONVIF and Supports RTSP protocol. Regardless of the manufacturer, TL SpiderHub can connect to any ONVIF based security camera and do offline live streaming on the go. Online live streaming capability is based on camera manufacturer and is in progress.