API Products

The challenges thrown by ever increasing customer expectations and need for disruptive technical innovations have changed over last few years.

In this era of rapid digital transformation, we focus on ‘Smartly connecting & securing the digital world’. Our endeavor is to enable and assist our enterprise customers to connect their customers and stake holders in a smart yet secure way while driving the business goals.

The demand for quality digital services and the need for consistent user experience lay the foundation for us to develop and deliver the integrated UI/UX services powered by rapid application development.Our API services have the choicest security and convenience of customization to a variety of business services. We are pioneers in rapid application development, REST API building/integration and providing the enterprises with a competitive advantage of right-sized application and infrastructure.We build platforms that can easily extent and adapt social media, multi-channel, analytics, big data and cloud platforms.

Get Cities API:

This API is used to get all the cities in inventory. This API will return all the cities available in our inventory. This API call may cause performance effect.

Available Routes API:

This available routes API is used to get no of available seats, fare, buses,operators, arrival time, departure times and etc., in a particular route. The response is a jsonarray containing all the available buses if buses are available.

Service Details API:

Service details APIs is used to get all the information about a particular service. The response will contain each seat detail, boarding points, drop off points and the information required to generate the layout like rows, columns, booked seats.

Tentative Booking API:

This API is used to lock the seat for 10 minutes. Whenever this API is called, Validation can be done to check whether the seat can be booked for not. If every request parameter is correct and seat is available then the seat is locked for 10 min and booking id along with the ticket id will be returned in success message.

Book Seat API:

This API should be called after tentative booking is success. If the seat is booked then booking id and ticket id will be returned with success status. Otherwise failed status will be returned.

Get Ticket Details API:

This API can be used to get all the reservation details including seat details and dynamic cancellation policy for which can be used in print ticket. So by using this API one can get details required for cancellation and details required for print ticket.

Validate Cancel Ticket API:

This API is used to validate whether the ticket can be cancelled or not. If the ticket is cancellable then the refundable amount, cancellation amount and Cancellation percentage will be returned.

Cancel Ticket API:

This API is used to cancel the full ticket. Based on the correctness of the details ticket will be cancelled. The following are the required parameters to cancel the ticket.