"Within two to three decades mobility will be defined by sustainability, connectivity and automated drivin"- Statement by Klaus Draeger, a retired member of the Board of Management, BMW.

That is some statement that speaks volumes on changes, due thanks to advancements in connected solutions which continues to redefine user experience & personalized infotainment.

The ever-evolving automotive industry is also witnessing changes in the way vehicle manufacturers & suppliers are more committed than ever to offer IoT solutions par with offerings such as automated driving, luxury and comfort.

Consumer expectations have put connected solutions as a paramount priority on par with the standards of emission challenges, exhilarating throttle yet at economical fuel consumption.

The Engineering team in Terralogic embraces these challenges with following offerings that provide stability for a connected world:

  • Open platform infotainment ecosystem powered by Android Nougat.
  • Expertise with DTS® for offering high-definition in-car communication with superior noise control.
  • Device connectivity & personalized cloud.
  • The cutting edge user design team for best in class fluid user experience.